This month our Rumble in the Jungle Parties start across the UK and today we head to Fraserburgh to join Emma our fabulous leader who is hosting her Rumble in the Jungle Parties across Aberdeenshire this month. I’m super excited as I will be joining her on Sunday 24th in Elgin to join the fun!

Read more about Emma story and why she joined the Mess Around family.

Hi, I’m Emma before jumping on the Mess Around train I worked as a Social Care Officer in a Private Children’s Home. I’ve always enjoyed working with children and with my experience as a nursery practitioner, Mess Around seemed like a perfect opportunity for me.

When I had my son Lennox (Featured in my video)  I took him along to one of the Mess Around events in my area and I was blown away with the whole idea of it. The whole experience was great, I was able to enjoy the event whilst participating with my son as he explored all the sensory messy activities and I came away feeling very happy.

The reason for wanting to join the Mess Around Family is because I am a strong believer in children learning through play and I believe that Mess Around provides this for babies and children up to the ages of 10.

I love the idea of children getting to play without a care and having the freedom to explore with no rules. So when I saw the advert for a leader in my area I jumped at the chance. Having been in my job for the last  8 years and working 25 hour shifts away from my son I felt it was the right time for some change and was very excited by the thought of a new challenge.

Since joining the team I haven’t looked back. I absolutely love providing Mess Around  sessions as well as Birthday Parties and Toddler groups. I have been in business for over 2 years now. We’ve  held over 200 events across the area and over 5000 children have been through our messy doors. I’m very proud of my achievements.

It is hard work and has definitely been more of a challenge than I’d first thought but it is worth every minute.

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