We are so lucky to have a great family of franchisees here at Mess Around. Our franchisees are from a variety of backgrounds and each run fantastic sessions in their region. We will be sharing regular ‘behind the scenes’ perspectives from our team- today we hear from award winning franchisee Mess Around Oxfordshire.

Name – Sarah Howe-Davies

The area you mess in? Oxfordshire

How long have you been a Mess Around owner? 2 years

Do you have any messy children? Jack aged 5

What did you do before you had a career in spaghetti? National Account Manager for a high end luxury Tour Operator that specialised in North America and Canada, I spent a lot of time abroad and staying in hotels in the UK with a lot of driving on the motorways!

When you’re not messing around, what do you enjoy doing? Running/PT sessions, spending time with my family and spending the school holidays with Jack

Why did you join Mess Around? Because I was looking ahead to when Jack would be at school, and what I would do when he had school holidays, my family are all in Essex so we only have my mother in law locally to help out with Jack and she has 2 other grandchildren that she helps out with too so needed something flexible to work around him and school

What’s been your messy highlight so far? Winning Franchise of the year at The Mess Around conference in 2018 and in 2019 winning Franchise of the year at the Club Hub Awards

What’s your favourite messy material? Jelly

What messy plans do you have for the future? Hoping to expand and have a team to work in the school holidays and run birthday parties

What’s the best thing about being a Mess Around franchisee? Being your own boss and working in your own time, so if I want to do my own thing in the daytime then I will do my admin in the evening, also being accountable for your own actions and business

What’s your favourite event? Halloween and Christmas!

What tips would you pass onto anyone who is looking to join our Mess Around family? Make sure you have loads of support and patience, it takes time to start up a business (I was lucky I wasn’t starting from scratch) and be prepared to give it your all to get the business going, be friendly, approachable and accommodating!

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