Emma joined the Mess Around family almost 3 years ago and runs regular SELL OUT sessions across Mess Around Aberdeenshire & Moray

She is a pro with birthday parties and private events and brings a wealth of experience to our Mess Around gang. We hear from her on some of the ‘behind the scenes’ gossip on owning a Mess Around franchise.

Name Emma Davidson

The area you mess in? Aberdeenshire & Moray.

How long have you been a Mess Around owner? 3 amazing years this November!

Do you have any messy children?  One- he’s enough haha.

What did you do before you had a career in spaghetti?  I worked with Children & Young People in a private residential home.

When you’re not messing around, what do you enjoy doing? I love doing outdoorsy things with my son Lennox, walks in the woods, eating out and spending time with my family & friends.

Why did you join Mess Around? I just loved the whole idea of it from the first session I attended with Lennox when he was 6 months old. It’s an awesome experience for the little ones who attend (and parent’s/carer’s) and they benefit from it so much. I also wanted a job where I could work around Lennox’s groups, nursery times and joining Mess Around has given me the freedom to do that.

What’s been your messy highlight so far? My messy highlight so far is getting all the wonderful feedback from my customers. There’s no better feeling (other than stepping back and watching everyone during an event) than reading the reviews from people who have attended your sessions-I love that.

What’s your favourite messy material? Ooooo I have a few but the best one I like to work with has got to be rice. I love thinking about what I can make it into in relation to a theme we are doing, especially for themed birthday parties. I love the whole process of colouring it then bringing it to life on the tray.

What messy plans do you have for the future?  To keep my business growing making more and more people aware of Mess Around especially in the Nursery, school and private sectors and to keep bringing it to more new area’s/venues around Aberdeenshire & Moray.

What’s the best thing about being a Mess Around franchisee? The best part for me is the feeling that I’m in the right place and doing what I love! I love working with this team and everyone is very supportive. I love the flexibility it gives me too.

What’s your favourite event? Emmm I really like them all but the one I try to be most creative with would have to be Spooktacular…….or maybe Messy Christmas…..Poptastic….it’s too hard to pick one.

What tips would you pass onto anyone who is looking to join our Mess Around family? If you love the idea of what Mess Around is and your looking to run your own business and you have determination then my advice would be go for it. Do your numbers get all the info you need and if the pros outweigh the cons then take a chance and don’t look back. My tip would be get good at planning!

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