Mess Around Ltd are thrilled to share our recent results from the ‘WorkBuzz’s Franchise Satisfaction Benchmark Survey’.

WorkBuzz (a leading independent franchise consultancy that helps franchisors to improve network performance and growth) led an online survey in which our franchisees were able to participate.

We encouraged all our franchisees to complete the survey and individuals were able to complete their responses anonymously. We were thrilled that 100% of our franchisees completed the survey and shared their opinions.

Our aim was to identify and understand how our Mess Around franchise is performing through the eyes of the franchisees. Using a five-point scale, we were rated on:

  • Training and Support
  • Leadership
  • The franchise system
  • Culture and relationships
  • Value and rewards
  • General satisfaction

Our Mess Around franchisees are vital to our business and understanding where we are excelling (or areas we need improvement) is key to our future joint success.

Here are just some of the highlights:

We are thrilled with the results of the survey, with lots of feedback from our team on how we can continue to grow and improve going forward. We are passionate about learning from the results and supporting our franchisees to succeed.

If you’re as excited as us to get your Mess Around business off the ground, get the wheels in motion and request your prospectus today.