With Father’s Day fast approaching we wanted to give an insight into the Fathers behind Mess Around.

Taking on board a Mess Around franchise and running your own messy play business can be a family affair. So, we asked some of our team’s family how they have been involved in Mess Around and what the business means to them.

Dave from Mess Around Beds & North Bucks

When Katrina first investigated taking on the Mess Around franchise, I thought it would be a good way to solve our ‘problem’ of Katrina wanting to spend more time with our son Thomas and prevent her from having to go back to work full-time.

I help with admin bits for her business, put together her videos, help making the mess and occasionally lend a hand at weekend sessions. I come up with lots of marketing ideas (which Katrina initially ignores then uses them months later!)

Running Mess Around Beds & Bucks gives Katrina a real sense of achievement and provides her the opportunity to nurture and grow a business.

She just loves running her events and it makes her happy- seeing her happy running her business makes me very proud.

Adam from Mess Around Edinburgh

I was excited at the prospect of Kerry-Anne becoming a business owner, especially as it is a family business which we can all be involved in. I did also think she was crazy- she was pregnant at the time!

I tend to do the heavy lifting at the events (when I can) and pack the van, because my system is best, of course! I try my best to keep our boys under control at the events and help with the clean up.

My favourite thing about the business is watching Kerry-Anne develop as a business owner. I love seeing how much the kids and parents enjoy the events. It’s also great that we can take our boys along- and of course, it all comes with the added bonus of money!

Andy from Mess Around Worcestershire

I was proud when Jade made the decision to go into business by herself and was happy with the Mess Around brand that she chose.

I help deliver events, birthday parties, washing and cleaning the kit and dressing up as mascots at our weekend sessions. Anything that I can do to help- I am there.

Seeing Jade run her own business that she enjoys and building a customer based to the level she has makes me very proud.

We want to praise all parents out there- those who play the role of mum and dad, same sex parents and single parents! You are doing a fantastic job!

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