Are you ready to join our messy herd for a ‘roarsome’ time  squelching, pouring, mixing and getting messy in the jungle? Let’s stomp with the elephants, go bananas with monkeys and slither with snakes with these five simple jungle themed messy play ideas to try at home

Check out our ideas below with five simple ideas to Rumble In the Jungle:

Crocodile Pea Swamp

We use mushy peas and a variety of green leaves to make our swampy lair for our crocodiles. Little ones love using mashers to squash the peas and it’s also a great way to encourage them to eat their greens!

Tiger Rice Tea Party

Ever had tea party with a tiger? Well now you can with our Tiger Rice. We coloured our rice orange and black and added in our tea set and some scoops to create this fun activity. Discover how to create simple coloured rice here.

Hippo Mud Bath

Our Hippo mud bath is VERY messy but also lots of fun. We use top soil (and added some extra greens for effect) to make sure it’s safe for little hands to explore. Add a little water to your soil to make it extra squelchy and use scoops and pots as your tools in our jungle mud bath.

Cereal Safari

Have you ever been on a safari? Well grab all your favourite cereals to create our cereal safari. This taste safe activity is a great way to play with your jungle animals and creates a really effective scene.

Exotic Feathers

We love how colourful our exotic feather activity is. This is a great activity for younger messy fans as they can explore the texture of the colourful feathers. We picked up packs really cheaply at our local Poundland store.

If you can’t wait to try your own Jungle messy play out then why not head along to one of our Rumble In The Jungle events taking place across the UK. Find your nearest session here.

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