So we were all set to go with a June 21st unlocking but unfortunately, that wasn’t to be.

Why aren’t we upset?

Well, thanks to the ongoing pandemic Mess Around has learned to be flexible, we have developed our brand so much that we are now able to cope with just about everything that life can now throw at us!

I won’t lie to you – March 2020 was tough. We closed overnight, just like that. I was due to deliver an event in Thetford on the Tuesday. The car was packed, materials made, and with the blink of an eye, we were closed. I had to spend the evening fighting back tears while I called venues and customers, all of whom were amazing I must add.

I let myself wallow for a couple of days but then it was time to pull up those big girls’ pants and move forward. We needed to still be active, we needed businesses to come back to once lockdown had run its course.

And so, the Mess Box, which had once been run by HQ became available to all. We could make, sell and deliver Messy Play kits for people to use at home. Slime Lab was always a separate license, but this now became available, so again we could now sell DIY slime kits to people.

As the country slowly began to open up we designed our Takeaway Service so people could enjoy a messy play set up in their own homes and not have to worry about setting up and cleaning down.

Fast forward a few months and Slime Lab could open (albeit reduced numbers and a slightly shorter format) this meant we could start running workshops again. The Tuff Tray Club was born which allowed us to run our Messy Play events again while meeting all the restrictions in place. Suddenly we had revenue streams again.

November saw us under lockdown again, no fear – sales of Mess and Slime kits started to increase again. December, we returned for Mess, no slime this time as we now had to include all over 5’s in our headcount, and then closed again! January through to March sales were booming on Mess Kits. Some franchisees were taking over £1500 a month in Mess Kits alone.

Since being allowed to run groups again in April we have been following our Tuff Tray format. Our plan had been to return to free flow events from July. Then on Monday the blow that June 21 would not be happening, but it is going to take more than that to stop us! Our new programme is so watertight that a quick discussion and check of guidance meant that we still could return to free flow for the children, just reduced numbers and a few more activities to enable parents to socially distance.

Why am I telling you all this?

Well, I wanted you to see that we have redesigned our franchise package to give you not just 1 revenue stream but lots!

You have:

Tuff Tray Club (small messy play)

Messy Play events (large scale)

Slime Lab

Takeaway Service

Birthday parties

Private events

Mess Box

Slime kits

Express Slime


So you can see no matter what Covid/Boris/Life throws at us – we are ready to go and earn some money!

You can do as many or as few as you like – what other Franchise Package gives you this many ways to earn money?

That is why Mess Around Ltd is the award winning leaders of Messy Play franchises


Why not take a look for yourself, download the prospectus today and arrange a discovery call to find out how Mess Around Ltd can be the perfect franchise for you.