We are thrilled to announce that we have a NEW leader for Mess Around Tyne & Wear. Let’s all give a big Mess Around wave to Hannah who will be launching her first event in May 2019.

After her second child (Harry) and returning to work, she wanted to find sessions to enjoy with her children that would fit around her family, and most sessions required commitment to book for weeks at a time. Her search for the perfect events for the whole family, led her to Mess Around and she hasn’t looked back.

I first tried a Mess Around session, with my two children, Ameila and Harry and as soon as I walked in, I knew these events were exactly what I had been looking for. It was such a relaxed, yet engaging atmosphere and the many messy themed activities catered to both of my kids. I was most surprised to see how much my daughter, Ameila (who is 12 years old) enjoyed the session, and it gave her the opportunity to interact with her little brother. It was the perfect family event full of full from start to finish.

The only challenge I found, was that the nearest session was an hours drive away, and I knew that travelling the distance wasn’t going to be something I could do regularly. So, I started to investigate starting a Mess Around in Tyne & Wear, and a couple of months later- here we are!

I can’t wait to meet you at an event soon, and enable you to spend some quality, mess filled, fun with your loved ones.

Hannah will be kicking off in messy style, with Despicable Mess in May. Visit her Facebook page to discover more or book your place online here. 

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