Halloween Trick or Treat Game

One of our favourite (and messiest) times of year has landed this October.

We are calling all witches, devils, cats and bats to our creepy, crawly, gruesome Halloween events- Our SPOOKTACULAR messy play sessions across the UK.

There are lots of fun ways you can bring the party home with you. We created a simple but fun game that’s great for any Halloween party or just for entertaining your mess makers.


You will need:

  • Baby Soap Slime (check out how to make baby soap slime here)
  • A container filled with spooky goodies (like spiders, eyeballs etc)
  • A container to move the spooky goodies between
  • A timer
  • A prize for the winner
  • Eyemask (optional to add extra level of difficulty)

This is a fun race to see how many goolish goodies you can dig out from the slime in a set timeframe. You can add an extra level of difficulty by popping on an eyemask. You can mix, pour, dig and explore to search through the slimey goo to collect as many items as you can. Give out prizes for taking part and of course, a prize for the person to collect the most items.

Be sure to share all your photos and videos of you playing this fun game to our Facebook or Instagram pages using #borntomessaround.