We’ve had less of a messy day today and more arty and crafty as we started to the day with some cutting and sticking as my son wanted to make some fruity pictures.


We ended the day making some home made rainbow crayons. I’ve seen these online many times and have wanted to give them a try so we took the opportunity while we had sometime (this lockdown has that as a benefit I guess) and it was a really easy and fun activity for my three year old to do.

What you will need

-Broken crayons

-A silicon mould or muffin tray 

Pre heat the oven at 200 degrees celcius

Into the mould’s or muffin tray place the broken crayons with a good mixture of colours.

Once filled place in the oven for around 10 minutes or until the crayons have all melted. Remove from the oven and leave to cool.

Home Made Crayons Home Made Crayons

Once cooled the crayons can be removed from the moulds/tray and then they are ready to use, it really is that simple.

homemade crayons  homemade crayons

We only had silicon cake cases and a cup cake tin here to use for our crayons but there are so many possibilities of shapes that the crayons can be made into  if you have things at home. The colour of the final crayons can vary too, depending on what you put in, so why not get creating and watch the wonder on your little one’s face with this easy activity that will then create some lovely masterpieces for the fridge!



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