Today (Tuesday 19th May) we showed you our moves at our Poptastic Home Party! We hope we brought back some cherished childhood memories and you enjoyed some old school classics! We showed you how to make Hubba Bubba Playdough with our 4 minute playdough recipe and the electric whisk came out again for the Pacman Aquafaba. This week our franchise network had lots of fun creating 80’s arts and crafts for this week’s party, from 80’s prop boxes weepuls, badges, vinyl records plus lots more, check out the resources available below. So let’s go back to the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s and let the little ones squelch, pour, mix and get messy to their heart’s content.

Thanks to everyone who got to join us LIVE and to those who missed out here is the video:

Krissy mentioned a huge amount of our FREE Poptastic themed resources available- here are the links.

Hubba Bubba Playdough – Follow our 4 minute playdough recipe and use pink food dye. We also have edible playdough recipe using fruit, so check out our taste safe dough.

Pacman Aquafaba foam – Drain the juice from a can of chickpeas into a bowl. Add 1 tablespoon of cream of tartar and yellow food dye. Use a hand whisk to blend the juice into a foam. It’s that simple!

Rubik’s cube rice – Check out our blog on how to dye rice.

Pacman Slime – Follow the instructions on to make Mess Around Slime. 

Join Emily from Mess Around Oxfordshire with this fantastic Rubik’s Cube activity.

Do you remember fortune tellers? Join Emily from Mess Around Oxfordshire who shows you how to make your own fortune tellers.

Make 80’s badges all you need is black card, scissors, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s images, glue, tape and large safety pins. Using a circle object and card of your choice stencil around the edges to create a circle. Cut out your stencils. Then cut out your 80’s, 90’s and 00’s images and glue them to your circle stencils. Then take your safety pin and tape it to the back of your badge and you’re ready to go!

Weepuls so much fun and so easy to make, join Emily from Mess Around Oxfordshire who shows you how to make your own weepuls.

Have fun creating your quotes from your favourite movies all you need is coloured paper, scissors and black felt tip. Draw a speech bubble on your paper and add your quote into the centre. Cut out your speech bubble and stick to your walls and your props are ready to go!

Check out this fantastic Pacman tuff tray game with Alanna from Mess Around South Yorkshire.

80’s Prop boxes with Emily from Mess Around Oxfordshire.

Fashion was a lot of fun in this era join Rachelle from Mess Around West Suffolk where she will show you how to tie dye your t-shirts.

Do you remember vinyl? Make your own records at home. All you need is black card, coloured paper, glue, tape, scissors and a black felt tip. Using a circle object, and black card stencil around the edge to create a circle. Cut out the black circle. Using a smaller circle object, and your coloured card stencil around the edge to create a coloured circle. Cut out the coloured circle and glue to the centre of the black one. Using your black felt tip make circle in the middle. Write your favourite songs and artists on the coloured card and they’re ready for your party!

Link for purchasing a Tuff Tray

Pick up your Home Activity Mess Boxes here

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