When taking on-board a franchise the prospect of marketing may seem a little daunting, particularly if its an area where you have no experience. The great thing about a Mess Around franchise is, you not only benefit from a well-known brand in the children’s activity providers market, but also gain a huge amount of support to help you grown your understanding and build your business.

Access to marketing tools and resources

In 2019 we launched our centralised online resource library to ensure all our franchisees have access to the latest branding and marketing tools.

The library is filled with the simple tools such as logos and branding collateral and is regularly update with the latest images, videos and artwork to help keep our marketing on-brand and consistent.

In addition, there are also tools which can be personalised for your area to help drive your local marketing campaigns.

Learn more about how our resource library can support you to be a successful Mess Around leader.

Online e-learning marketing training

Our online e-learning training provides our team with all the support and know-how necessary to set up and market their own Mess Around business.

The e-learning aspect allows our team to learn at their own pace, alongside the support of our experienced team.

We have a whole stream of training based on marketing to support you in with building your knowledge in this vital area of business. We know it’s a skill to be learnt and developed over time and so you can access the free and paid content to enhance your marketing knowledge.

Support through the Mess Around family

Here at Mess Around Ltd we have a network of franchise leaders running events, birthday party and private bookings across the UK with a huge range of experience and knowledge.

Once you’re up and running you can pick our brains and ask questions, there is always a listening ear. You also gain access to our online community where you can collaborate, share ideas and work together.

Recognisable branding

Our brand is well recognised and respected. Mess Around Ltd have been leaders in family fun since 2012, creating memorable, messy experiences for babies and children with Mess Around messy play, Slime Lab UK, Messberaver and The Mess Box.

Our brand helps to represent our market leading services, USPs and showcase all of the fantastic brands within the Mess Around ‘family’.

Our marketing start up tools include our recognised brand, ready made website and other branded marketing tools to help you grow.

To discover more about Mess Around and whether a messy play franchise is for you. Visit our website and download a prospectus.