Thinking about investing in a Mess Around franchise is a big decision. We know it’s not always easy and you often have burning questions you would like the answers too when you are considering joining the team.

We have broken some of our FAQs on finances to make it easier it easier for you to digest.

Today we have picked some of the key questions we get asked regarding the numbers with our most frequently asked questions on finances:

Can I obtain funding from the bank?

Yes you can. If you speak to an adviser at the bank they will advise on what latest documentation they require from us to support your application. Or check out our latest blog from one of our franchisees, Mara, who talks us through how she secured funding for her business. 

When do I have to pay my monthly royalty fees?

Payment of the monthly royalty fees start in month 2 i.e. you get the first month for free.

Can I do this as a partnership?

Yes you can, but you must be able to demonstrate how you and your partner will work together effectively (not necessary for couple in a relationship).

Can I do Mess Around as a part time job?

Yes you can, however your potential to earn money is directly related on the programme you plan to deliver. Several of our franchisees run their business alongside their part-time roles.

What happens if I decide it’s not for me after I’ve signed the contract?

You are required to deliver a minimum of 6 months as part of the contract. After which, assuming you have provided written notice of your intention to close your franchise, you will be liable for the fees for the remaining term of your contract.

Do I need an accountant?

Yes, as you will be a limited company we recommend that you have an accountant.

What are my on-going costs?

You will have to pay for your venue hire, materials and marketing costs. These are fully listed in the accompanying financial material.

Do you provide insurance?

We will provide you with details on how to obtain your insurance through our preferred provider.

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