Thinking about investing in a Mess Around franchise is a big decision. We know it’s not always easy and you often have burning questions you would like the answers too when you are considering joining the team.

We have broken some of our FAQs on delivering our large scale Mess Around events to make it easier for you to digest.

Today we have picked some of the key questions we get asked regarding the numbers with our most frequently asked questions on hosting Mess Around EVENTS:

How many events do I have to deliver?

This will be determined by your business plan as agreed with the franchisor.

Do I need a helper?

You will be able to manage an event of 40 children on your own. If you host events of 50 plus children then you may require a helper. Most of our franchisees’ partners help at weekend events. Our Teesside franchise has their own Gloop Troop which have been recruited via local colleges during week day events.

How much time is spent on marketing?

A proportion of our time is spent on marketing via social media, networking and delivering flyers locally. The majority of our bookings come from repeat bookings, friend referrals, word of mouth and social media.

How long will it take me to clean my equipment at home?

You will spend on average 1-2 hours cleaning your equipment after delivering the event. However this is also your preparation for your next event, so you will save time in preparation.

Can I bring my children along with me?

Yes to events you can (we actively encourage it), just not to Birthday Parties you’re hosting.

How many birthday parties can I deliver?

As many as you can arrange, however this is dependent on your event delivery plan. On average you should expect to deliver at least 2 birthday parties per month or more.

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