This month Mess Around is excited to launch our brand new Mess Around Resource website. It’s been designed to provide you with all the resources you need to help you run a successful Mess Around business.

We recognise that to run a successful business you need a robust system to follow and have access to the tools that we use to showcase the brand to customers and there is no better way to do this but to host it all in our very own resource website.

6 Ways which we support you to be a successful Mess Around Leader


We will provide you with a Operations Manual which is a A-z guide on how to run your business, which includes supporting documents such as policy and procedures, standard forms and risk assessments. Not only do you have access to these documents we will also give you access to all this training via our Mess Around E-Learning Website We recognise that life can be hectic, striking a good work life balance is not easy, and so we have designed your training to be as flexible as possible allowing you to train at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home, whilst working alongside our experienced franchise team.

Print Stationary

We know how important is it to have access to high quality design art work to promote our brand. We have a fabulous designer called Chris on our team who produces great art work for our network to use. Chris has created all our branding from our logo, messy characters to our event graphics. From headed paper right through to loyalty cards, memes, certificates we have got it covered!  We  give you access to all this stationary, so you can have it printed by your own preferred supplier.

Promotional Photos

Over the last 6 years we have taken thousands of photographs of children and parents having fun at Mess Around. From leader to professional photographs, we have it all our approved images in our resource platform, which means when you use our photographs you will always be showcasing the brand.


Promotional Videos

Video is one of the best ways to showcase what we do here at Mess Around and we use it a lot to promote our activities. Our professional promotional videos include franchise showcases, event themed, exhibition through to our Birthday Party videos. You will have access to those videos to promote your business in your territory.


 Event Marketing

What makes us unique in the market place is all our event branding is original as we create all our own events and Chris our designer turns our ideas into reality. We will provide you with an event package that includes, flier artwork, event posters, ticket count down, sold out graphics through to the Mess Machine is packed up and ready to Mess Around graphics. All these graphics are available at your fingers tips and can be used across all your marketing platforms.


Do the Mess Around

Never made slime or coloured spaghetti before? Don’t panic we have our very own Do the Mess Around materials resource pack. This pack will provide you with the top materials we use at Mess Around to create the ultimate Mess Around Party. It will tell you how to make the material, the equipment you need, quantities involved and shows example of activities set up using the material. You don’t need to trawl the internet looking for instructions on how to make materials as we’ve done all the leg work for you.

These are just six ways that Mess Around will support you when you join our Mess Around family and once you join us you will find that there are many many more.  Your investment secures everything you need to get started and our package offers you the flexibility to run your own business but with the support of a tried and tested model in your own territory. This is backed up with the support from our experienced and dedicated network.

Get in touch to discover the next steps to your owning your own business and discover more about how we can support you to succeed. Download our prospectus here.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch or join us on our Mess Around journey to discover more.