This month we are delighted to announce the launch of our brand-new Mess Around E-Learning website,  designed to provide you with the all the additional support, knowledge and know-how necessary to help you establish your own Mess Around business.

We recognise that life can be hectic, striking a good work life balance is not easy, and so we have designed your training to be as flexible as possible allowing you to train at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home, whilst working alongside our experienced franchise team.

We also understand how daunting the prospect of running your own business can be, so let me explain what support is available to you when you start your Mess Around career.

10 ways which we support you to be a successful Mess Around Leader

The Mess Around Network

Here at Mess Around Ltd. we have a network of franchise leaders running events, birthday party and private bookings across the UK. Between us all we have over 50 years of experience in running Mess Around – that’s’ a lot of years and experience and you will have access to that network on a daily basis! Once you’re up and running you can pick our brains and ask questions, there is always a listening ear.

Mess Around conference team

The network is an unlimited resource available at your fingertips.

Director Support

You will have access to me! Over the last 7 years I have delivered hundreds of events, children’s birthday parties and festivals across the UK from villages and seaside towns right through to the UK’s biggest cities; I know what works and what doesn’t. There will be little that you come across as a Mess Around Franchisee that I have not already dealt with and there is even less that I cannot help you with.

Mess Around krissy


You will receive mentoring from the moment you start.  Jade Hudspith our Operations Director and owner of Mess Around Worcestershire has experience of operating all three of our programmes; Mess Around, Slime Lab UK and the Messberaver. Tamara Holland our Marketing Director and owner of Mess Around Northamptonshire has over 10 years experience in the marketing industry. Between Jade, Tamara and myself you have a wealth of experience to tap into.

Mess Around jade

Mess Around tamara








Extended Family 

Mess Around’s family doesn’t stop there. We also have access to a considerable number of business experts within our extended family, from accountants, solicitors, graphic designers, Facebook specialists, human resources and even virtual assistants, which all allows us to give you advice and guidance on specific areas.

Shadow Our team

We will partner you up with an existing franchisee, so you can shadow one of their events through the setup, delivery of the event and the de-rigging at the venue.  This will give you the behind the scenes action and the opportunity to learn the ropes, ask questions and get tips from experienced leaders who are always happy to share their knowledge.

Event Themes and Plans

What makes us unique in the market place is that all our events, activities and branding are original; they were all designed and created by me. We provide larger than life messy play experiences which stand out from the crowd and appeal to our customers. I have spent many years developing themes, creating the activities and designing the branding so that you don’t have too. We also provide you with all of the event themes, activity plans and administration, so you can focus on being an incredible host.


Every business has an element of marketing and sales, and Mess Around is no different. We know it’s a skill to be learnt and developed over time. By joining our team you will gain that knowledge through our Mess Around E-learning platform as you access free and paid content to enhance your marketing knowledge. To support you in advertising your events we provide you with an event package that includes the event graphics, website content, ticket count downs right through to photographs of existing member’s children and professionally made videos which give you everything you need to sell tickets, plus lots more.

Resource Pack

You will be able to access our very own resource pack called, “50 ways to Mess Around”. This includes the top 50 materials that we use at Mess Around to create the ultimate Mess Around Party. You don’t need to trawl the internet looking for ideas and instruction on how to make materials as we’ve done all the leg work for you.

Launch Event

We know how daunting it can be hosting your very first event, so we will come and host it with you. We will prepare you for your launch event from the activity plan, administration, show you how to prepare materials and tell you everything you need to pack into the vehicle. We will even call you the day before to make sure everything is ready. We’re not finished there though, we will come and host your launch event with you, so you can put your shadow event learning into practice. We will show you how host a successful Mess Around event and will even stay to clean up on the day!

Personal Development

We want you to succeed and to support you in that quest we have a system in place to carry out annual business planning, reviewing your current plan, advising you on your future plan and being a support mechanism to enable you to grow. Every year we host our Annual Mess Around Conference where we all get together for a day of networking, sharing best practice and learning new ways of working. The day is finished with a finale of our Annual Awards.

These are just ten ways that Mess Around will support you when you join our Mess Around family and once you join us you will find that there are many many more.  Your investment secures everything you need to get started and our package offers you the flexibility to run your own business but with the support of a tried and tested model in your own territory. This is backed up with the support from our experienced and dedicated network.

To discover more about Mess Around and if a franchise is right for you.

Visit our website and download  copy of the prospectus.