Your little piggy fans will love exploring this ‘oink-ingly’ Messy Piggy Messy Play Kit. Ready prepared and delivered to your doorstep – All you have to do is unpack, add more of your own toys / utensils and get ready to get MESSY!

Join Krissy as she showcases this fantastic Mess Kit!

What’s included?

  • 1 x Peppa Pig Playset   **(1 set added at random)
  • George’s Dinosaur Pasta
  • Piggy Muddy Puddles (Top Soil)
  • Duck Pond sparkle soap slime.
  • Salt dough ducks and feathers.
  • Daddy Pig’s fizzing choco cloud dough
  • Mummy Pig’s Waterbead Jewels
  • Rainbow Oats Dress up fun.
  • Full Instructions and Messy Play Ideas
  • Mini-Messy Play Tray (colour allocated at random)
  • Free Doorstep Delivery.

Order your kit today with your local leader, click locations and visit their shop.

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