Messy Play Activities for Autumn

September has flown past and as the days start to shorten and the air turns crisp it’s a great time of year to explore the outdoors with your little ones and there’s no better way than through messy, sensory play activities. Here is our top 5 activities brought to you by our fantastic Mess Around leaders.

Top 5 Messy Play Activities for Autumn.

  1. Mess Around Hedgehog Play Dough

Play dough is a really easy to make – Its that easy that you can make it in 4 minutes. Check out our explore play dough blog for the recipe. For this activity you can make a chocolate play dough or even a spiced play dough using cinnamon, both will smell absolutely gorgeous giving a full sensory experience. All you need is some play dough cutters, googly eyes, spaghetti and buttons and hedgehog printable. The children can use their hands to shape the play dough onto the hedgehog and add all their accessories, creating their very own hedgehog.  not only is it a lot of fun, but its a great activity for hand and eye co-ordination too.



2. Mess Around Autumn Tuff Tray Scene

This is a great activity to get the children active. Take the children outside for a scavenger hunt and collect twigs, acorns, pine cones, conkers, twigs and lots of different colour leaves. Then add bird seed and get creating! You can even get out your animal masks for some role play fun and use your trucks and diggers in the bird seed.


3. Mess Around Hot Chocolate Gloop

Who doesn’t love a hot chocolate in the autumn. Here at Mess Around the children absolutely love gloop and its even more fun when its got chocolate in it! If you have babies and toddlers who love to get messy then this is the activity for you! To make gloop, follow our explore cornflour blog recipe.  All you need to do is add cocoa powder to the cornflour to get the colour and smell. Get out your play tea set, mugs and add some marshmallows and you are set for a camp fire messy play experience.


4. Mess Around Rocket Rice

Shoot for the stars! It won’t be long until its fireworks night and what better way to celebrate than making your very own Rocket rice. Rice is a great sensory activity for children and is always a big hit at our events and its so easy to make.  Read my explore rice blog and learn how to dye your own rice at home. You can even make your very own rockets with just some ribbon, cardboard and stickers! A tip, laminate your rockets and then they will last longer.

5. Mess Around Chocolate Cloud Dough

Its another chocolate one, but you can never not have enough chocolate! This one involves flour, cocoa powder and vegetable oil. All you need is one bag of flour, add a cup cocoa powder and one cup of vegetable oil then mix it through.  The consistency your looking for is moldable, so keep adding more oil gradually until you get the right consistency. If its too sticky then add more flour. Get out your bucket and spades or even your tea set and toy figures and your ready to play!

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We look forward to sharing more of our favourite messy play activities with you on the Mess Around blog next month 😊


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