Shaving foam and mouldable soap play 

While we had the living room set up we made use of the space with some messy fun usimg shaving foam and mouldable soap. I decided to use both so we could explore the different textures of each one. The mouldable soap I use is from Home Bargains although it may not be possible to purchase right now. You can get crazy soap from supermarkets but if not shaving foam is great and is often pretty cheap from supermarkets.


The original idea for this activity was to use some animal figures although as I first started to spray it onto the tray my eldest proclaimed “lets make a birthday cake” so off they trotted to his play kitchen to find his ingredients.

From here on it was really just a free for all as both boys tentatively explored the foams at first with spoons and then with their hands.

My eldest has always hated shaving foam so I wanted to do this activity to try him again with it and after a little hesitation to start with he soon got into the activity and was happily grabbing handfuls of both the foam and the soap declaring at the end “mummy when you are allowed to do messy play again and I come I will play with the shaving foam all the time”.

We even managed to get in some mark making in foam using our fingers to write and draw before wiping over to start again.

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