Day 10 of lockdown and the sunshine has gone away leaving us thinking of things to do indoors. We’ve been doing lots of crafty things (more on that later) but this morning I wanted something that both boys could equally enjoy so we decided to bring the mess inside.

First up it was time to turn our living room into a mini messy play area using our mats and a tuff tray. If you are brave like me you could use lots of sheets and towels to protect your floor. It was then bath time for Dolly.

I am one of those people that keeps hold of things like shower gel that was gifted to me for years but never get around to using them so I raided my box this morning and came across some lavender bath gel, a body scrub, bath bomb, face mask and eye pads that I thought would each offer a different sensory experience for the boys. They each a flannel and along with a bowl of warm water we were good to go.


As each item was added we talked about the smell and texture of the each item and spoke about which each one did. Both boys love playing with water so this was a popular activity for them and kept them entertained for a good hour. We did find that the bowl was a little tricky for them both to reach and play with together so decided to pour the water out onto the tray.


Once Dolly was all washed and dried the boys decided that their bikes needed a clean too, so in they went too, although someone decided it was much more fun to splash the water on his brothers head in the end!

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