Why now?

There is no getting away from the fact that starting up your own business is hard, no matter when you do it. Even when things seem to be going your way, there is always something waiting around the corner to give you sleepless nights. So why would anybody invest in a franchise now, in the middle of global pandemic?

Over the last year, I have seen businesses collapse and business owners become frozen by uncertainty, long term employees made redundant and others furloughed with grim forecasts for their futures. I have also seen others take the leap and  decide that now is the time to take the plunge because they understand that disruption of this magnitude will create equal potential for future opportunity.

As the owner of Mess Around Ltd., I have always understood that being an entrepreneur can be like walking a tightrope at times, and at others it feels like a high stakes game of Russian roulette; the hunt for reward in a potential sea of risk. The trick of course is to understand how to minimise that risk and thus keep your ship afloat.

If the last 10 years have taught me anything it’s that taking on a franchise is one of the biggest and most successful ways of minimising risk. Buying a franchise from an established business with a proven business model, dramatically reduces the financial risk whilst simultaneously giving your shot at entrepreneurship a fighting change with a business level head start.

We are now well and truly into the new year and people around the country are starting to realise that they want to get off the 9-5 train track and start living life on their own terms. Some are realising that buying a franchise may be the chance they have been looking for to start again, free of the trappings of employment and of course of having a boss. To put this into numbers, according to the office of National Statistics, the number of unemployed people in the UK has dramatically increased since the emergence of the pandemic was declared; the impact upon those people and their families however is not measured anywhere.

If you are one of those people or you are worried about the potential for being made redundant, entering into a franchise may be a route worth investigating. Try not to let fear of the unknown determine your future. You can’t be made redundant from your own business.

Now is also a great opportunity to determine how “pandemic-resistant” a brand is and thus how resilient and adaptable it is. Franchises represent some of the most successful and recognisable businesses in the world. However even franchises like Mac Donald’s have been put to the test. Business models across the world have been stretched to the point of breaking but those that come out of the pandemic stronger and more creative will be that much more attractive to future franchisees seeking a  brand that has withstood one of the worst times in recent history.

At Mess Around Ltd. we have made considerable changes to our model in order to roll with the punches. It is clear that large venues with 50+ children is going to be off the agenda for a while, but our small scale Tuff Tray club sessions will definitely be back on the table soon. Also our Mess Box has also never been so popular. What started out as a subscription box 2 years ago, has evolved into an all-encompassing myriad of offerings giving joy to children from every part of the UK. Our 2021 franchise pack not only gives new franchisees the benefit of what was our brand leading event platform, but now also includes our Slime Lab UK programe and a Mess Kit distribution license. The future has never looked brighter for our new recruits.

So, are you ready to start your next adventure?

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