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Hi everyone,

Welcome to Mess Around Cheshire and South Manchester. My name is Noush and I live with my two children: Persia 15, Aryan 4 and my husband in Altrincham.  I took over Mess Around Cheshire and South Manchester in April 2019 and thought it was about time I introduced myself properly to you all.

My journey with Mess Around started as an attendee to one of their sessions. Whilst on maternity leave in 2015, I began to look for fun things to do with my little boy and I struggled to find groups that weren’t just the usual ‘circle time’ as he was a very active little baby and wasn’t the type for Rhyme time or baby massage/ baby yoga classes and I discovered a Mess Around session! We both loved it, the fact that we could enjoy getting as messy as we wanted without the worry about how long it will take me to clean up afterwards!

After my little boy was born in January 2015, my life and my whole perspective completely changed, and all I wanted was to be with him and be able to enjoy every moment of him growing up but working in a corporate I had to leave him in childcare at 9 months and go back full time to work.

He had a lot of immune system related health issues due to a mistake which happened in hospital when he was born and leaving him every day made me heart broken. I love my career but could not resist thinking about an opportunity to find a new venture or business which would give me the chance of working flexible hours and be with my little one more.

I love being a mum and I love children and always wanted to do something that involved working with children and parents. While I was dreaming about running my own business Mess Around was looking for a new leader!

And I thought although I have been through the pain and heart break of leaving my little one every day in childcare in the past couple of years but still it is not too late to finally find the right work/ life balance and have the opportunity I’d been looking for specially with a business which involves families.

What I love about Mess Around is the children can explore and get messy in whichever activity they fancy at their own pace and if that means only painting and water play the whole session, it’s better than doing it at home!

Sessions are friendly, relaxed and informal.  They are great for meeting other parents or meeting up with friends.  I aim to give you the same happiness and memories with your children, that I have made with mine.

So please join me on my messy adventure and enjoy the opportunity to spend time with your little ones. Letting them explore their creative side, being messy, creating havoc and most importantly to create and capture those important memories which is all I’ve ever wanted for my family!

As Oscar Wilde says: The best way to make children good is to make them happy.

The other thing that I absolutely love about running Mess Around events is that although it involves a lot of hard work, after every event I feel fresh, happy and energetic. Seeing so many families leaving happy and with good memories fulfills me and takes all the tiredness away.

Being able to provide a family quality time together is my passion, I enjoy seeing all parents getting stuck in and getting messy too!

Here at Mess Around we also do Messy Birthday Parties. Delivering Birthday Parties is an amazing experience! I love that my service can create a place for everlasting memories to be made, being part of people’s special moments and seeing the joy in children is priceless.

“By Doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others.”

It is a family run business owned and managed by me.  I am very lucky to have the support of my family around me. You will see my husband, my helper Kasia and my children at almost all my events!

I look forward to welcoming you to one of our very messy sessions soon.


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Birthday coming up?
Give your child a memorable birthday with a Mess Around party package.

What’s included in a Mess Around birthday party package?

  • Mess Around party invitations
  • Born to Mess Around t-shirt for the birthday boy/girl
  • Your own host to meet and greet guests and oversee activities
  • Bubbles
  • Music
  • Photographs
  • Hand-printed canvas memento, which your guests will create
  • Fun memories to cherish forever!

Reserve your date!

It’s not uncommon for parties to book out 6 months in advance so we do recommend that you register your interest as soon as possible. Prices start at £150.

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