Egg Box Crocodile

With the Rumble in the Jungle LIVE session coming up next week, we thought we would try some Jungle crafts. As we had lots of egg boxes, this looked a perfect craft for us to try.

What you need:

Large egg box (12 eggs)

Green paint

Green card

White card or paper

Black pen



Something round – the size of a 2 pence piece


What you need to do:

  • Cut the lid off the egg box so you are just left with the base
  • Paint the egg box base on the inside and the outside with green paint. We used paint sponges which worked really well for evenly spreading the paint over the rough egg box surface.
  • Head – whilst you are letting the paint dry, you need to get your green card. Fold the card in half and cut a triangle shape for the head – but make sure the narrow end of the triangle is NOT a point and is the where the fold in the card is – this will form the nose.

  • Eyes – draw around something round to create 2 small circles on your white card / paper – these will be the eyes. Cut these out and glue to the wider end of the green card you have just cut out. Draw small black circles onto the white circles.
  • Tail – cut a single triangle out of the green card – this will be the tail.
  • Legs – cut 4 strips of the green card – the length of A4 paper if possible. Fold these backwards and forwards to create the springy legs.
  • Teeth – cut 2 wide strips of the white paper / card – these need to be the length of the crocodiles head. Fold then each in half length ways – on one side of the folded paper – cut small triangles all along for teeth.  Then glue the other side on the bottom jaw of the crocodile head.
  • Once the egg box is dry – glue on the head, the tail and the legs.

Enjoy your crocodiles and have fun playing with them.  We would love to see your creations!

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