Mess Around Crafty Play- Making Rainbows

Welcome to Mess Around Crafty Day !!

Today we are going to make some fabulous rainbows.



Erin chose this lovely rainbow so we decided to give it a go.  Toddler and glitter, what could possibly go wrong! This is a wonderful easy crafty idea to do with your little ones. Erin loved the glitter and keeps bringing us to the tree see her messaround glittery rainbow .

You will need

  • Card in rainbow colours
  • Ruler
  • scissors
  • Stapler
  • Cotton wool
  • PVA glue or Hot glue gun
  • String or fishing line
  • Glitter


Cut the card into 1 inch strips arrange into the order of the rainbow. Now cut the strips so each colour is ½ inch or 1.5 cm smaller than the previous one.




Place the ends together evenly and staple – repeat on the other side. It should look this- we used some glitter paper as Erin loves a bit of sparkle!

Glue your cotton balls onto the side of the rainbow to make your clouds. Fold your string in half and tie a knot in it – leaving a loop at the top . Glue the knot to the top of the rainbow. I used fishing line as I wanted it to be invisible.

Cut out the hearts and cover them in pva glue and glitter – leave to dry, the really fun part 🙂 . If you are not a fan of glitter, you can cut out hearts from glitter paper or coloured card . I used the scrap ends of the rainbow. Once dried, I glued them together with the string in between.  now giving a tube of glitter to  toddler is never advisable but I but a sheet of A3 down and Erin sprinkled the  glitter on.






Glue your string to the back of your rainbow – hot glue gun is the quickest method but you can use PVA – Just allow to dry .








And you’re ready!! We have hung ours in the tree and I love the way it twinkles in the wind.

Hope you will have as much fun as we did with our very own Mess around rainbow.  I’m now going to deglitter the dog, table and kitchen!  Happy crafting :).

See you all soon x



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