Rainbows of Flowers

Hi Everyone,

We’ve been getting crafty at Mess Around Derbyshire HQ and with rainbows in mind, have created some rainbow flowers to add a bit of colour to our window at home! We know that resources may be limited at the minute so we wanted to make something that doesn’t involve lots of materials and can be made with just glue and paper if need be (these flowers look fab made out of plain paper that children have drawn on).

We’ve made 3 different types of flowers/floral artwork over the last few days, the instructions for them all are below:

— NUMBER 1 —

*This is the perfect craft for families to do together. Get your kiddies to colour in some paper, draw pictures, patterns, etc and then mum or dad can make them in to flowers to keep forever.*

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Sheets of square paper (ours are 9cm) – you will need a minimum of 5/6 pieces per flower – we used a rainbow coloured memo block.
  • Pipe cleaner folded in half (we twisted ours together a little for more support).
  • Glue.
  • Gems or buttons for the centre of your flowers.

How to make your petals:

  1. Fold your square in half to make a triangle (image 1).
  2. Fold your corners up to the halfway point of your triangle (image 2 & 3).
  3. Push down your folded pieces to flatten them out so the fold is central (image 4 & 5).
  4. Turn your ‘triangle’ over (image 6).
  5. Fold the tops of your flattened corners over the back of the ‘traingle’ (image 7 & 8).
  6. Turn your ‘triangle’ back over (image 9).
  7. Fold your flattened corners in half following the crease already there (image 10 and 11).
  8. Curve your paper over and glue the 2 flat edges together (image 12).
  9. Make 5 or 6 of these for one flower.

How to assemble your flowers:

  1. Gather your petals you made previously (image 1).
  2. Put a line of glue down the straight edge and stick your petals together with the pipe cleaner down the middle (image 2).
  3. Attach your gem/button to the centre of your flower (image 3).
  4. Bunch your flowers together (image 4). We used an extra pipe cleaner took tie around the stems once we had arranged them so that they stayed as one.

— NUMBER 2 — 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Paper cut in to equal strips (ours was 2cm wide and about 15cm long).
  • 10cm square of paper/card for the backing.
  • Button or gem for the centre of your flower.
  • Glue.

How to make your flowers:

Check out our video here: IMG_1857

— NUMBER 3 —

*This one is one of our favourites as the possibilities are endless and it’s an easier flower to make for younger children*

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Paper cut in to 1cm wide strips (ours were 30cm long).
  • Button or gem for the centre of your flower.
  • A4 card for your background to stick your flower on.
  • Glue.

How to make your flower:

1. Fold your piece of card in half a and glue at the bottom to keep secured.

2. Fold your stem and stick it to your background paper.

3. Attach your petals to your stem.

4. Attach your centre piece and voila!

Thanks for reading and We hope you enjoy our little floral crafts!

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Stay safe and see you all soon x

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