How to make bird feeders

Hello Mess Makers! hope you are all safe at home!

Over the weekend I spent hours making bird feeders with my boys and I’m sure you will agree the end result looked ace! This is a great boredom buster and encourages creativity.

Looking at the end results, I think the bird feeders are reminiscent of Poppy and Branch, while I doubt the boys intended to create troll inspired bird feeders I’m running with this as the theme especially as the new movie is out this week and I for one am super excited!

How to make a bird house, (troll inspired or not).

What you will need;

1.  An empty container i.e milk carton or juice bottle.

2. Scissors, glue and tape.

3. Paint (optional).

4. Paper/card or felt/crepe paper, any crafts/stickers you have at home and toilet roll holder.

5. Pipe cleaner/rope or wire to hang.


How to make it;

  1. Make sure your milk carton (container) is clean and dry, cut out a window or arch way for the birds to get into the food. Tip: we left a flap when cutting the arch to attach the toilet roll holder, making a perch for the birds.
  2. If you have chosen to paint the bird feeder do this now and leave to dry. Alternatively you can wrap felt/ card or stick crepe paper to the container using cellotape and glue, to cover it.
  3. When paint and glue are dry add your decorations, we added pipe cleaners, foam flowers and hearts and some craft flowers
  4. Pierce two holes in the lid of the container and push wire/rope or  a pipe cleaner through the holes  making a loop and securing it at the underside the lid (this is how you will hang your bird feeder so make it long enough and make sure its secure).
  5. Add your bird seeds to the bottom of the container.
  6. Pick the perfect spot to hang it and enjoy hours of bird spotting.

Share your creations to my Facebook and Instagram pages to inspire others . I would love to see how yours turn out!



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