Minion Madness

 Hello Mess Makers! Or should we say Bello?

As this week we have been doing Minion themed crafts to keep us occupied and in preparation for Mess Around Ltd’s live Despicable Mess party this coming week! The boys love Despicable me, Minions and any excuse to go bananas with some paint and googly eyes! So we decided to make some pencil holders, bookmarks and some fun hats to use at school this week.



What you will need:

  •  White card
  •  Sticky dots or glue
  • Scissors
  • Googly eyes
  • Ribbon
  • Blue, yellow and black pen

This is so simple and quick to do. Firstly cut your card into strips approx. 4 or 5cm wide, colour your card half blue and half yellow. stick your googly eyes on and draw round the eyes for the goggles and draw a mouth. Then when complete make a hole at the top of the bookmark to thread your ribbon through, if you have a whole punch this is ideal if not you can carefully pierce a hole using a pencil, which is what I did.  And that’s you ready to go, you can gift them to a loved one or use in your favourite book.


Pencil Holders.

What you will need;

  •  Toilet roll holders
  • Yellow and Blue paint ( if you want to make evil minions you will also need two shades of purple paint)
  • Paint brushes
  • Googly eyes
  • Sticky dots or glue
  • black pen

Firstly paint your toilet roll holders yellow and/or light purple and leave to dry…..


When the toilet roll holders are dry, paint the bottom half of them blue/ dark purple and again leave to dry. You may have to do 2 coats to get a good coverage of the colours. Once completely dry add the googly eyes and draw the faces just as we did with the bookmarks. Use them as telescopes or if you wish to use them as pencil holders like we are just secure a circle of card to the bottom of the toilet roll holder with glue. We made 5 holders and all of them had different emotions, sad, happy, content, angry, scared. This was intentional as the boys can now select which pencil holder they wish to use each day at home school dependant on how they are feeling and this gives opportunity to discuss their feelings and resolve any scared, sad or angry feelings they may be experiencing while we are home schooling in the continued lockdown.


Minion Hats.

What you will need:

  • Scalpel or scissors
  • Paper plate(s)
  • Yellow paint ( again if you want to do evil minion you will also need purple)
  • Black, grey, brown pencils/pens/crayons
  • White card
  • Sticky dots or glue

Firstly paint your plate yellow (or purple) and leave to dry, while this is drying draw minion goggles on your white card, colouring them and then cut them out. When your plate is dry use a scalpel or scissors to cut the centre of the plate almost fully out, however leave enough of the centre attached to the rim to create a flap.

Now to assemble your hat,  lift the centre of the plate up so that it stands upright from the rim this is your minions face,  then fold the edges of your goggles around the back of the minions face and secure with sticky dots or glue. Then you are ready to go!







Why not make use the pencil holders as popcorn holders put on your hats and watch the movie or have your very own minion party, check out our live event on the 12.5.20 over at Facebook  for more minion madness as we bring a despicable mess to you!

I hope you have been inspired by our crafts and have lots of fun making them at home. Don’t forget to share your creations over on Facebook or Instagram. I would love to see them.

Thank you and hope to see you all soon


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