Really useful first aid training with Daisy First Aid Kettering

We were given a fab opportunity to pop along to a lovely Parent First Aid class, with a focus on first aid for babies and children, courtesy of Daisy First Aid Kettering this January.  So on a dreary Saturday morning myself and Lucy (our resident messy play birthday party organiser) headed over to The Centre at Mawsley.

Both me and Lucy have had first aid training before, but we both admitted that with baby/toddler brain it was so easy to forget. And of course, we have both been lucky enough to never have put our knowledge into practise so we were looking forward to refreshing our experiences in the 2 hour session.

We arrived to a small room set up, with space for around 10 parents to join. I loved the fact that two sets of parents had their babies at the session (who were amazingly behaved i must say) which is hugely convenient and the fact the session is only 2 hours meant you can head off and still have the day ahead without feeling overwhelmed.

Susan, the class leader had over 13 years of experience as a nurse and is a fully trained First Aid Trainer. She is also a Mum to two young boys under the age of 5 so she really knew her stuff.

We were introduced to ‘Dave’ (the adult dummy) and ‘Bob (the baby dummy) who we got to practise on throughout the session.

We learnt everything from dealing with someone who is unconscious, CPR, the recovery position (for which Lucy was an excellent model), choking, meningitis, bleeding and bandaging, broken bones, burns and much, much more.

We found the whole session really simple to take in and in no way overwhelming, Susan was so reassuring guiding is through the techniques and making everyone feel that no question was a silly one.

The prospect of every having to put into practise some of the techniques is, of course, daunting. But myself and Lucy, both feel reassured that if we were ever in the unfortunate situation of having too we feel far more confident. I highly recommend a visit and I will defiantly be booking in for a refresher in a years time.

Check out our snapshot video of our experience below:


If you are interested in learning more about Daisy First Aid courses visit Daisy First Aid Kettering at her website or visit her Facebook page to discover more. She even runs sessions from your home!

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