Animal Footprints

It’s week three of lockdown and I have finally plucked up the courage to write my first messy blog ! Here goes ……………

We have been so lucky over the last few days the weather has been very kind to us and allowed us to take our messy play outdoors to the garden to get some very much needed vitamin D . Bring on the summer. Who doesn’t love long hot days spent creating a mess in the garden.

Today’s activity was animal footprints with a  variety of paints. We love doing this at our rumble in the jungle events!

My little one is obsessed with animals and is continually telling me what they are and their noises especially when its sleep time for some reason only known to toddlers .

This activity is so simple and kept my little one busy most of the afternoon.

What you will need.

*Large paper

*A tray for paints

*A variety of different coloured paints

*Selections of animals get them to choose what they would like to use

*A small table or floor space to lay your paper


Firstly find a space to lay your paper out. We used our wall paper table on its side so that my little one could stand while she was painting. You could pin it to the fence if you wanted or lay it out on the floor depending on the age and stage of your child. Having it stood up helps build up core strength, develop hand eye coordination and encourages their large motor skills as they paint. A great way to get them  moving as they paint.

Lay out the animals and paint in a safe area for them to access.

Demonstrate to your child how to make the foot prints on the painting wall.

Now sit back and enjoy the mess.

This was a really quick and simple activity that kept my little mess maker busy for hours . It was a great to watch her make prints enjoy the mess and most importantly get creative . It was a perfect opportunity for us to talk and develop her language and vocabulary by discussing what she was doing.


Now it’s your turn to give it a go. Please post your results to us as we would love to see you all your messy creations.

Love Sonia


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