Superhero Fun

A little about my superhero enthusiasts.

I don’t know about your little ones but mine are superhero crazy. Let me introduce you to my boys, we have Finley aged 4, clever, kind, caring, quite serious, very keen to learn, loves numbers & reading. Then we have Spencer aged 3, how do I describe him? Class clown? Haha! He is kind, funny, cheeky, very cute and knows it but doesn’t have an interest in anything he thinks is learning… so that’s where our messy play comes in brilliantly. The one thing they most definitely have in common though is a love of superheroes.

We use our super brushing powers to brush teeth & have superhero races to get dressed which is a challenge of its own at the minute as they protest, we have nowhere to go. They will ONLY wear superhero pjs, which is hard work as they only have a couple of pairs, so I’m like the washing fairy constantly trying to have them ready, and pretty much every game they make up is hero based.

Anyways, trying to keep them busy and entertained during all this time at home is becoming more challenging by the day (please say I’m not alone). For an easier life I have just been trying to turn everything to be based around their interests. I thought I’d share some of our super fun, superhero activities for any other enthusiasts out there.

Following their interests.

My son’s school have been amazing sending over work for the children to complete across all areas of learning. One of the tasks was to have a teddy bears picnic to practice their maths skills. I told the boys and they were not keen, luckily they are quite imaginative and decided on a superhero tea party instead. It was so much fun and there was lots of learning going on. They counted their heroes, found the correct numbers of plates, cups etc to make sure each hero had one. Re-counting and checking, using lovely maths language and working together. They then wanted to extend this further and got the playdough out to make cookies for the heroes. As they had chosen the activity, they enjoyed playing & learning for way longer than if I’d insisted to follow the exact brief. It was successful and they were happy, as was I. I even had time to sneak off for a peaceful coffee. Win, win.

superhero tea party   super hero tea party extended

(See our playdough recipe here)

You can be a Superhero!

Another activity the boys loved was turning themselves into heroes using the Mess Around Super Heros Templates (Girls and Boy Hero Template) They used pens to colour carefully, talking about there powers and their colours. Finley even helped cut his hero out, I cut Spencer’s. Then it was superhero pose time, this was fun. I told them to do their hero faces and took a few photos, they went through and chose their favourites, which we then printed. We added their heads to the hero bodies and ta-da!!!!!

turn in to a superhero   superhero spencer  superhero finley  

We hope you like these ideas and they keep your little ones as entertained as they have mine. Please do share your play ideas with us too.

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Take care and we hope to see you all soon.


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