Messy Play at home -The boy finally loves shaving foam!

My eldest has always hated shaving foam play, refusing to go near it at our Messy Play events however we have used it a few times in our messy play at home since the start of lockdown and each time he has got braver with facing his fears by tentatively touching it, then putting his whole hand in it to finally today getting himself fully messy in it and declaring “I love shaving foam”, sucess!

Shaving Foam Painting

So today we tried painting with shaving foam and it was great fun. For this activity you will need

A tray

A knife

Shaving Foam

Paint (we used ready mixed)

Something to stir the foam (we used one of the plastic straws from our bubble activity)

Paper or card

Start by squirtting the foam into the tray and then use the knife to flatten the foam

Squirt a small amount of each paint colour into the foam

Use the stirer to make a pattern within the foam

Once the mixture is mixed, place the paper or card onto the foam and press lightly to ensure all the paper is covered.

We used some card hearts and some cards along with some plain whit paper, changing the pattern each time. We then allowed them to dry. You can scrape off the excess foam at this point or leave it to dry like we did.


Once dried these have made some lovely, individual home made pieces that can either be kept at home (along with all the other crafts made during lockdown!) or would make lovely gifts to be sent to friends or family.


Once the painting was finished the boys were then able to continue playing with foam, mixing it up to see what colours can be made. We included some wooden spoons and some baking tins which then encouraged some pretend play as my son set about making cakes.



After a while we then moved the play on again and went back to using the mixture to paint again, this time with hands and feet. I wasn’t sure whether my sone would enjoy this with his past dislike of the texture of shaving foam but he absolutely loved it.



He soon decided that he wanted to paint all of the paper and as he added more mixture to the paper the paper became quite slippery which he loved as he proclaimed “I’m skating, I love skating”


Over all a sucessful messy morning for one of the boys at least (my youngest lost interest quite quickly!)


Susie x

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