First messy holiday abroad with my crazy toddler…

Daily life with a little one is hard – They don’t talk, they don’t understand what you are saying to them, they certainly don’t listen to the little they understand and every single event seems to be the biggest tragedy in the history of humankind.  Now, when you are trying to take all of that drama on holiday things can get a lot (a lot!) trickier!

My little assistant and I had our first holiday abroad this September.  We headed to sunny Valencia after having booked our flights and made all the necessary arrangements 6 months in advance.  Well, it certainly was not sunny when we landed, as there were torrential rains left and right – It seems we brought our lovely British weather on holiday with us and I am sure the locals were very grateful for it (not!).

We stayed with one of my dear friends who lives in Valencia.  We met in London a few years ago when we both lived there 10 minutes away from each other.  Now we only get to meet on rare occasions, so it was fabulous to catch up and spend some time with her – Plus she is amazing with children so my little monkey was quite taken with her as always.  During our holiday I wrote a few posts about our holiday adventures, so here is a taste of the fun we (or I, to be more specific) had – I hope you find it relatable and funny – Misery loves company, and we are all in it together!

And so the adventure begins…

At East Midlands Airport upon Departure.

Here we go! We are at the airport ready for our holiday adventure! First time flying with my little assistant so I am a bit worried to be honest! It has been a nightmare to navigate through this place carrying luggage, pushchair, bags and a stroppy tired toddler. Travelling with a littlun on your own is hard work!

Once we were all settled and ready to explore…

Post from our first day out exploring the city (Second day in town as we couldn’t leave our flat on the first one due to the weather conditions!)

Are we having the best time away or what!? Well, it depends who you ask!

I am enjoying myself thoroughly. Not only am I visiting a new, beautiful and exciting place, but I am also spending time with one of my lovely friends who I haven’t seen in a long time and catching up. However, my assistant as usual is trying his best to spoil our first holiday abroad but I am not letting him!

It is very hard though. I have had particular bad luck with non-stop tantrums and when the particularly bad ones have taken place we have been surrounded by people with extremely well behaved children and all mine wants to do is scream, kick and throw everything at hand as far away as he possibly can. I am struggling a lot to keep my cool and it does not feel like a true holiday, just plain hard work! Everyone has been so nice though and people have even tried to humour me constantly, which always helps.

Does it get better? Somehow I doubt it. I keep being told the more I take him out the better he will get. Sounds great, but I am losing it! Still, tantrums and all it beats the hell out of having to deal with them at home – at least we are on holiday and I am having an awesome time!


Always look at the positives!

Non-stop tantrums from the moment we got out of bed in the morning…

When life gives you lemons, get a beer, squeeze a wedge in it and raise your glass!

Here’s one of my son’s finest moments during our holiday; throwing a big one at a lovely restaurant by the beach. I couldn’t stop laughing, but I think it was out of nerves and anxiety more than actual fun.

Thank God we are heading back home soon. We (the proverbial “we” of course) have had a blast, but I don’t think travelling with my little assistant was timed right. He was a lot more mellow and patient 2 months ago, and he probably will be able to communicate properly in 2 more. Oh, well. I have learned my lesson and it was actually a good dry run for whenever I decide to travel elsewhere for a longer time or distance with my little Superman.

I have asked him if he is having fun and he says no. I have asked him if he likes Valencia, if he wants to swim, if he wants to play. He said no. I asked him if he wanted pizza and water, then I got a nod. At least he is still feeding and hydrating happily. Silver linings!

I will be sad to leave such a beautiful place and say goodbye to my friend, but I am grateful time has gone as fast as it did this time, for once! We are ready to resume life as we know it – Happy and many more messy times ahead!


You can do it!  Believe in yourself.

And we are back home!

Always be kind to yourself. Never forget that. That is my motto nowadays and I keep repeating it inside my head – Eventually it will sink in and I will start doing so without even having to think about it.

This holiday was a challenge. I love my son and there’s no questioning that, but boy, does he push my buttons (and knows which ones to go for!). However, I have tried my best to not shout at him or get angry (can’t say I always managed). Not only because it makes things worse, but also because I gain nothing but upsetting myself and that would not fit with the kindness I am trying to exercise. It is not worth it and I don’t need that kind of negative energy around us.

I was asked once in a course what I would do if I had only one piece of bread to feed us both. Of course that was an extreme scenario, but I said I’d probably give it to my son, which in all reality shouldn’t be the case. We should share what we have. If I don’t eat and fall ill nobody will be able to look after him, plus I would be failing to be kind to myself.

Most importantly – You have to be kind to you because some people won’t! We just got back and my darling boy had a massive tantrum on the airplane and refused to disembark. We were the last ones to leave and the bus was waiting for us with everyone else already on board. One of the attendants came over and asked if she could help with the bags so I could take him and I thanked her. I managed to retrieve my son and make our way to the door when another one of the attendants came to me in a rush and asked me in a very bad manner – I quote: “Could you hurry up? You are the last ones on the plane. All the other passengers are waiting”. There was no need for that comment since the situation explained itself, but retaliation was not what was needed. I just smiled at her with my hysterical son in my arms and said “Well, I am afraid they are just going to have to wait, aren’t they?”. Then I carried on at exactly the same pace as before. Because I was looking after myself. And my crazy little man.

I love this photo – shame his cheeks are covered in tears after not having his way as I didn’t let him swim in the water behind him.

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