Here at Mess Around Oxfordshire we like to explore and get messy, here is our super simple salt dough recipe to make Starfish for our Life’s a Beach Party!

What you will need

Salt dough ingredients

  • 1 cup of Salt
  • 2 cups of Plain flour
  • 3/4 cup of Water
  • Mixing bowl
  • Rolling pin
  • Baking tray and paper

Messy Instructions

Step 1

Measure out your ingredients and put them into a mixing bowl, we used cups for measuring but grams will work just as well. e.g. 1 cup = 120g, 2 cups = 240g 3/4 cup = 90g. Mix all your ingredients together.

Salt dough mixed together

Step 2

Once the ingredients have stuck together (or at least most if them) you will need to *knead* your dough to loosen it up and to get the remaining bits to stick. *knead – this means to flatten your ball of dough out a little and then fold it in half squashing it back together, and then repeat. Keep doing this until the dough is squashier and easier to push around and mould. I spent 10-15 mins kneading mine.

Step 3

Separate your dough into smaller balls – the quantity of ingredients I used you can make 8 balls.

Salt dough in balls

Step 4

Pick up 1 ball and gently pinch the edge of the ball to make a leg, you’ll need 5 legs (or as many or little as like!) to make a starfish.

Starfish pinching the sides 

Step 5

Once you have 5 legs flatten the starfish a little and keep pinching the legs to make them a little longer.

Starfish starting the legs

Step 6

We tried to make the starfish look a little real by poking tiny holes all over it – we used a cocktail stick! My boys wanted to make them into key-rings so we added a little hole (using a straw).

Starfish salt dough up close with hole for string or keyring in

Step 7

You can either bake your salt dough or leave them to air-dry, we chose to bake ours

Instruction to bake

  • Pre-heat oven to 180
  • Place salt dough on baking tray
  • Pop them into the oven
  • Check on them every 5-10 mins until they are hard, ours took around 20 mins

Once they have cooled down you can paint them using any ready-mix paint you may have ,you could add glitter or googley eggs too, just get as creative as you want and let your imagination go wild!

As always please share your creations with me on my Facebook and don’t forget to tag us #borntomessaround #messaroundoxfordshire #saltdough #lifesabeach to share your pictures with our wider community! I hope you enjoyed reading about making salt dough.

See you soon Emily x