Who doesn’t love the 80’s and 90’s, everything was big, bold, and utterly glamorous. I was born in the 80’s and grew up in the 90’s, and have some fond memories of iconic kids gadgets. For our arts and crafts this week we have decided to look back on some of these.

These are super easy to make and not really a messy activity! – A weepul is a small, spherical, fluffy toy, with large, plastic googly eyes and no limbs. They usually have large paper feet, with a sticky bottom.


What you need

Materials - Pom poms, googly eyes, siscors, glue and felt

  • Pom Poms balls
  • Googly eyes
  • Felt
  • Glue
  • Scissors


Messy Instructions

Step 1

Pick out a good selection of pom poms (larger the better)

Step 2

Use the felt to cut out feet for each pom pom.

Felt feet

Step 3

Stick on googly eyes to the pom poms.

Pom poms with eyes

Step 4

Use the glue and stick the feet onto the pom pom.



Weepuls complete!

Please share your designs with me on my facebook page and don’t forget to use #borntomessaround #messaroundoxfordshire #messyplay #messaroundltd #weepul #ilovethe80’s #ilovethe90’s to share your pictures with our wider community!

If you’ve enjoyed this activity please join Krissy for our Poptastic event on Tuesday 19th May 2020. To receive a notification of the event please tick ‘interested’ or ‘going’ on the event page.

I’ll have some more fab ideas in my next blog.

See you soon Emily x

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