Create your very own Cloud Man



Cloud Man – Fun Activities to do at home


What you will need:

Paper plate or card

Cotton balls

Pipe cleaners

Craft paper

Crayons or coloured pens

Glue or tape




How we did it:

We started off by cutting a paper plate (or card) into a cloud shape.


We then took a pipe cleaner and bended it in half, then glued (or taped) it to the bottom middle part of the cloud to make the legs.


Next, we drew two sock shapes on card and cut them out. We drew on two red stripes at the top of each sock, then glued them onto the ends of the pipe cleaners.




Then, we added glue all over the cloud plate and stuck on the cotton balls all over. This was mini mess makers favourite part!


For the face, we started by drawing a half moon shape for the mouth on coloured paper then cut it out. For the teeth we cut out two half circles on white card and two smaller half circles.  We glued the teeth onto the mouth then glued it onto the cloud man.

Next, we cut out two circles for the eyes, then two half circles on pink craft paper for the eyelids and glued the pink paper onto the white circles. We then drew two black circles onto the eyes using a black crayon or pen. We then glued them on the cloud man.


The final thing was the hands, we took a pipe cleaner and folded it in half then folded it again and cut the loop to make the fingers. We repeated this for the other hand. We then got another pipe cleaner and cut it in half, we got each set of fingers and connected it to the pipe cleaner, (you can connect by gluing but we just folded it around the fingers), finally we glue the hands onto the cloud man and that was cloud man complete!



I hope you enjoyed making cloud man as much as we did! Please let me see your cloud men when you have done them!


Love Nicola and Mini Mess Maker

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