Save My Sanity Blog No 2 – Messy Ninja’s




Messy Ninja’s! – Today we had a go at making some Awesome Toilet Roll ‘Ninja’s’ – Really super simple activity and you don’t need many crafty bits to give these a try.

Elliott is only just 4 and he absolutely loved getting messy and making these together at home.


  • Empty Toilet Roll Tubes
  • Coloured Pipe Cleaners
  • Coloured Paint
  • Silver Foil / Paper
  • Wiggly Eyes (You could draw these on if you didn’t have any)
  • Glue stick, scissors, paintbrush, black felt pen.

Draw out the basic ninja shapes on the toilet roll tube with felt tip pens.  Then paint the top and bottom sections with black paint.  We then painted the face / chest yellow and then chose a colour for each ninja’s outfit.  We left them to dry for a little while and then stuck on our wiggly eyes and I helped Elliott draw on the eyebrows and some details on the body.



Then we used coloured pipe-cleaners to make a headband and a belt (Though if you didn’t have pipe-cleaners you could use strips of paper or fabric instead).  And finally we rolled up some strips of silver foil into swords / ninja sticks and tucked them into the little messy ninja’s belts.








Elliott really did enjoy making these today – They are now taking pride of place in his bedroom and he couldn’t wait to show his Dad and also message his Nanny to show them off.

Can’t wait to see your little ones Ninja creations! Be great if you share yours to the page so we can see them.

Have Loads of fun Messy Fans



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