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What age is Mess Around Suitable for?

The activities are tailored for 6 months (or sitting unaided) to 5 years. However, our events are all about family fun and so at weekend and school holiday events we welcome older siblings and provide some extra craft activities to keep them occupied.  Big Kids & Grown ups get just as much enjoyment out of getting messy as the little ones.

In addition to all the fun and family time, there are loads of other benefits from Messy Play too!



 How long does it take to set up & clear up?

We pride ourselves in offering quality, creative and unique ‘invitation to play’ activities rather than a bunch of materials just chucked in a tray – And this takes time to create. 

Typically it takes around 1 ½ to 2 hours to put together and we get amazing feedback about our themed set ups. 

The most frequently asked question is definitely ‘how long does this take to clean up’ (usually accompanied by a pitying or horrified look) – The answer is a good few hours, but don’t worry about us – we crank up the music and get our cleaning mojo on at the venue!  Then at home we also clean and sterilise all of our messy toys/utensils ready for the next event. It’s certainly a good job I love cleaning 😊


What if I don’t want my child photographed?

Although we love capturing those Messy Memories – That’s absolutely no problem at all, we will provide your child with ‘No Photo’ stickers to wear during the event and we check our photos before they are added to our facebook page. Of course it is absolutely fine for you to take your own photos and we would also ask that all attending the event only photograph their own child.

My child has allergies:

We are very used to dealing with a wide range of allergies and if we know in advance can adapt activities to ensure that your child can join in with everything safely.  There is a question about allergies on the booking form, so just pop details on there to let us know.  And of course if you have any questions or wish to discuss your child’s particular needs then please do get in touch and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate your little ones! 

Are the activities safe to eat?

As our events are for under 5’s we do tend to use a lot of ‘edible’ or ‘taste safe’ ingredients and all of our activities are labelled so you know what they are, if its best not to eat them or if they contain any allergens.  The materials are all non-toxic and risk assessed as safe for use with children.  And we advise that all activities are undertaken under parental supervision. 

What time should I arrive?

We would advise to try not to arrive too early, as we don’t open up the messy play area doors for registration until 5 minutes before the start of the event.  This is because we love to do the ‘Big Reveal’ and give everyone the chance to see the activities before the kids dive in 😉  

What should we wear…?

It’s definitely best to wear old clothes that you don’t mind getting very messy and be aware that some materials can stain.  We recommend bare feet, socks or water shoes – as these are not only easier for you to clean, but we prefer to not have outdoor shoes in the play areas. Remember a towel and change of clothes for your little mess-maker!.  Adults do get messy too, so best to bear this in mind when planning where you are going afterwards – And top tip is to pack extra socks for yourselves too!

How do you make….?

Many of you ask at our events how to make our messy favourites – like Soap Slime, Cloud Dough and Rainbow Spaghetti.  Why not join our Mess Around Family Group – as not only do we let you know about any offers, competitions or events first, but we often share ideas and recipes for things you can try at home if you are brave  enough!!.

       ⇐  Making Soap Slime





⇒ Grate a bar of baby soap, add a little food colour or powder paint, pour boiling water on to melt all the soap.     

⇒Whisk gently until all has dissolved and then leave to set. Once set, add a little cold water and squelch with your hands until it is the consistency you would like!                                 

⇒Add toys / utensils and kids – GET MESSY (and kinda clean at the same time!! As its just soap!)


Why do we need to book in advance for events…?

As we offer ‘pay as you go’ bookable events rather than a weekly or termly commitment.  Our sessions are really popular and regularly sell out, so to avoid disappointment its best to book on early.  It also helps us plan activities if we know how many children will be attending, their ages and whether they have any allergies.  Click here for info about upcoming events & to book.

What if I can’t attend an event?

Unfortunately, in the same way as theatre tickets or other bookable events, if you are unable to attend for any reason – due to all the hire and preparation costs we aren’t able to offer refunds.  However, we are more than happy for the tickets to be transferred to a friend or relative to attend in your place – please just let me know so I can update the register and check about any allergies and photo consent

Thanks for reading….

If you have any other questions that I haven’t answered here, then pop me a message on facebook or via email:

See you at an event very soon for loads of messy fun!! 

Alanna xx


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