Life’s a Beach Sand Pictures

Your little ones can enjoy all the fun of the beach at home! Let them get sticky & sandy making our Messy Life’s a Beach Sand Pictures!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Coloured Sand – You can buy pre-coloured sand or have a go at colouring at home like we did (Sand, Water, food colour, glitter).
  • PVA glue, glue spreader.
  • Sheet of Card
  • Wiggly Eyes
  • Card scraps
Step 1:

Making your own coloured sand is really simple:


In a plastic bowl we put a couple of cups of play sand, we added a few drops of water to this to make it damp and then a few drops of liquid food colour. And if you like you can even pop in a bit of glitter for extra sparkle.  Mixed it together with a spoon and left to dry overnight.

We made several different colours for this activity.  





Step 2:


Draw out a simple picture outline on your piece of card.

Elliott asked me to draw him a Jelly Fish and a shark as these are his favourite sea creatures. But you could do anything really – However with little ones doing this activity its best to try to keep the outline big and simple.



Step 3:


Using PVA straight from the bottle I helped Elliott Squeeze out lines of glue to follow the detail on the picture.

Do this in small sections at a time.





He then sprinkled coloured sand onto the glued areas and I helped him to then tip the excess sand back into the bowls.


We used a glue spreader to fill in bigger areas and then covered these with sand too, again tipping any excess back off the card into the bowls.


Step 4:

Once the whole picture was covered, we added some wiggly eyes and cut out some triangle scraps of card for shark teeth which we glued on.

Step 5:

Finally leave the pictures to dry flat, so the glue doesn’t run. This will take a good few hours as the glue is pretty thick in places.









If you do try it out with your little ones at home, then please share your photos to the page! I’d love to see what you’ve created.

And if you are looking for more beach themed messy inspiration then don’t miss the next Free Live Mess Around at Home Event on Facebook – ‘Life’s a beach’ on Tuesday 5th May at 11am – Click Here to join the event.

See you all again soon.



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