Messy Troll Inspired Toadstools

Want to have a go yourselves at making our cute Trolls inspired junk modelled Toadstools?  We just used stuff we found in our recycle bin and then any crafty bits we had around the house.

With the recent release of the New Trolls Movie and the next fabulous Mess Around at Home Live Event ‘Happimess’ coming up on Tuesday, we thought we’d get all crafty in the garden and make something Bright, Colourful & Fun. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Yoghurt Pots
  • Toilet Roll Tubes
  • Paper – Bright colours or why not have a go at our homemade rainbow paper?
  • Paint
  • PVA Glue
  • Scissors, Paintbrush, glue spreaders
  • Decorative bits eg: Sequins, beads, feather, flowers, glitter, ribbon, stickers, buttons

First job was to wash and prepare the yoghurt pots, ours were those ‘fruit puree in the corner’ yoghurt pots but we took the added pot bit off and trimmed any sharp corners.  We then painted them in bright colours using Acrylic paints – but if you don’t have these at home, try adding a bit of PVA glue to your normal paint and this will help it stick better onto the plastic. Then leave to dry fully.




We cut our toilet roll tubes into various lengths, so that our toadstools would be all different heights.









Then we covered them in some funky rainbow paper we’d made the day before. We made the paper by putting little blobs of paint next to each other and then using a roller to print the colour out onto the paper.  Elliott loved doing this and it was so quick and easy.  However, you could just cover them in any paper you have, paint them or use pens to decorate instead.








Elliott’s favourite bit was decorating the toadstools – we used a variety of crafty bits and bobs we had at home and glued them all onto the painted yoghurt pots. We had sequins, paper flowers and circle shapes, glitter, stars, beads and mini pom-poms.  We then glued the toilet roll tubes inside the yoghurt pots like a stalk.


Our final job was to make some Troll Characters to sit on top. We printed them out and laminated ours so they would stand up.  But if you don’t have a printer or laminator, you could draw or trace them, colour in with felt pens and glue onto card.

We added some bright feathers onto a couple of them to make funky fluffy troll hair too.


Elliott was very proud of his messy-make today and couldn’t wait to show Daddy so he could give him one to put on his desk.

I hope this has encouraged you to get crafty and make some Happimess Troll creations with your kids too, don’t forget to add to the facebook page so I can see them! And for loads more fabulous Troll inspired ideas make sure you tune in on Tuesday morning at 11am to the Happimess Live event.

Be Happy & Messy you lovely lot! – Alanna xxx



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