Taste Safe Mess Kit

Taste Safe Mess Kit


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This is the perfect Messy Play Kit for little ones who still tend to explore by putting things in their mouth.  These materials are made from a range of store cupboard ingredients that make them ‘taste safe’.  Ready prepared and delivered to your doorstep – All you have to do is unpack, add more of your own toys / utensils and get ready to get MESSY!

Whats included?

  • Edible ‘Sand’
  • Taste Safe ‘Water-beads’ – Tapioca Sago Pearls***
  • Cornflour Gloop
  • Basil Seed Slime
  • Cocoa Cloud Dough
  • Crazy Spray Cream (Choose Dairy or Dairy Free Alternative)
  • Juicy Jelly*** (Vegan alternative available)
  • Mini-messy tray (random allocated colour)
  • Full instructions and Messy Play Ideas.
  • Free Doorstop delivery.

Materials for this kit are made shortly before delivery and items marked above with *** have a short shelf life and need to be kept in the fridge / used within a few days of delivery.  Use by dates and Instructions about storage are provided with the kit.

Have a mini-messy tray already or prefer to use your own tuff tray? Then you can simply select the option ‘without tray’ at checkout to reduce the cost of your order by £1.50. We will pop everything you choose ready to play into a Mess Around bag for delivery instead

Please Note that our products are for Home Delivery only across South Yorkshire (S and DN postcodes) We are currently unable to post these items.  Delivery will be confirmed by Text – so please ensure that you provide a current telephone number.  Delivery date will depend on Postcode.


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