Save My Sanity Blog 3 – Quick Garden Play Ideas

So we are a couple of weeks in to our lockdown – how is everyone doing?  I never imagined that staying home would be as tough as this, and although I’m loving spending time with Elliott….its such a challenge to be a constant entertainer without our usual routines, play dates, opportunities to burn off energy through social activities and trips out.  Am finding that our days definitely run smoother if I’m prepared and have ideas of new stuff to try together – and as you never quite know how something is going to go down with our little ones, the best activities tend to be the simplest and those that don’t take long to set up / clean away – as often he only wants to do things in short bursts and tires of things easily.   So thought today I’d share a couple of quick set up garden activity ideas.

Clothes Dryer Fun – Peg and Play!









We’ve always loved our clothes horse – We’ve made dens and ‘caves’ and Elliott calls it his ‘Jail’ when we were playing cops & robbers. But the activity that he has enjoyed the longest and kept his attention was literally giving him a box of pegs and letting him peg up all our reusable wipes / or socks / tea towels or his dolls clothes.  Great activity for fine motor skills and feeling like he’s helping with jobs around the house.









Water Play

So many fun things you can do with water – Elliott loves ‘painting’ or spraying the walls and fences with water which is great as it dries and no mess to clean up! Easy – just give them a bucket of water, paint brush, roller or a waterspray…and off they go!










How about Tuff Tray Target Practice?- I added this one on my facebook page a few weeks ago and it was really popular, so added it here in my blog in case you missed it.  Using Chalk we drew on a target and then we practiced our aim with water shooters.  This kept us occupied for ages.  And if you don’t have a Tuff Tray, then just chalk the target on a wall / fence and it will easily wash away after.












Slide & Splash

We used to prop Elliott’s slide up on a water bowl and he would spend ages climbing up to drop down his little toy cars or monsters to splash down to the bottom.

Not got a slide – then why not improvise and set up a cardboard box chute or use a bit of old drainpipe?


Mud Tray – Got to Love Mud Glorious Mud! I think it’s because it does feel really messy! Like something we’re not supposed to be playing with.  But why not?  I use treated Top Soil from a bag on either a Tuff Tray or a deep sided container (with a lid even better as can pop lid on an leave out for another day).  Add in some rocks and little diggers, perhaps dinosaurs or farm animals.  So Simple!









Cloud Dough

We had some cloud dough (click here to learn how to make it) left from a previous activity, so got it out today in the sunshine and used it to play what Elliott named ‘snow ball smash’.  Cloud Dough moulds together beautifully in your hands a bit like kinetic sand, but then crumbles back to a powder.  So we had loads of fun making ‘snow balls’ and then throwing them at the tray to break them up.  Elliott was deciding how many points we got for each throw depending on how much was left of the snow ball.








Hope that gives you a few ideas to help pass the time and have some fun!  Would love to see your photos if you try any of these out.

Bye for Now

Alanna xx

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