Save My Sanity Blog No:1

Hello everyone, Its Alanna from Mess Around South Yorkshire here!  How are you all doing?  If I’m honest, as much as I love my little monkey, the prospect of facing the next few weeks (or months!?) being at home without our usual social activities and the freedom to get out and about, absolutely fills me with dread!  Am certain that most of you will totally get where I’m coming from.

Given that, like so many other parents, I’m going to need to juggle looking after Elliott whilst working from home for my non-messy job and try to keep my business afloat (whilst not being able to deliver events for the foreseeable future).  Good job am always up for a challenge!

So I’ve begun thinking about activities I’ve either done with Elliott in the past that he loved or things I’d like to try with him over coming weeks to keep him entertained. I’ll share a series of blogs on my page so that you can see if there is anything you like the idea of trying with your little ones at home.

How about some Toy Car Messy Play at home ideas?

Car Colour Sort



Ok so not strictly a messy activity as such. Using bits of old wallpaper / large sheets of paper – help them draw some coloured shapes with felt pens or crayons so they can sort their little toy cars into coloured ‘car parks’.  When I did this with Elliott. No word of a lie – this kept him entertained for over an hour!

Car Printing ‘Skid-Marks’


Using a Large sheet of paper or a Tuff Tray if you’ve got one.  Give them some ‘puddles’ of paint and encourage them to drive the cars through the puddles to leave skid marks!  Elliott loved this one,  especially making sound effects while he was doing it.  And event the washing up afterwards was fun.

Toy Car Rolling (or anything rolling really – Eg: we’ve used things like Brussel sprouts, cotton reels, pine cones, ball-pit balls at our events).



Don’t have a channel set like us – No problem, what about an old drainpipe / piece of guttering or perhaps use some tubes taped together or even an old cardboard box or newspapers rolled into a tube and leant against the sofa or a chair?

‘Rolling’ stuff is always a favourite at our events and at home!

Frozen Cars Ice Play






If you are anything like me you have a cupboard full of Tupperware / plastic tubs…. place a toy car inside, add some water, plus a little food colour or powder paint if you have it.

Then pop in the freezer overnight.  Simple!!

Add a few accessories to help them free the cars from the ice – Elliott Loves whacking them to try and chip away at the ice.  And a water spray and some pipettes are great too (not got pipettes? – No problem most of us have a draw full of calpol syringes!! 😉).

You could also try letting them add salt or sugar – as these lower the melting point.


Why not check out our facebook video clip of Elliott enjoying this activity.  He says he loved the water spraying the best and was so excited when he finally managed to release the cars.



Cereal Car / tanks Play

I’ve mostly been avoiding activities that use food, as many of us have been struggling to find certain things in the supermarkets and may also be rationing what we have at home under current circumstances.

But if you do have some bits left over then this is a fun activity I have used with Elliott regularly at home over the years. You could of course use something like birdseed, woodchip or sand instead (anything dry that you have in the garage /garden or cupboards that might work).   Elliott’s favourite was adding Toy Tanks and Soldiers to go on army missions.  He enjoys making roads, carparks and mountains in the materials.



Ha Ha…putting all these activities on here, I notice that most of the photos Elliott is in various mismatched Pyjamas – I promise I do dress him sometimes! 😊

I hope that you’ve liked seeing some of these ideas – And I can’t wait to see your own pictures when you try them out.  Make sure you add them to the facebook page!  As I’m missing seeing all those little smiling faces at our messy sessions.

Bye for now – Alanna  xxx

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