Supersized Messy Superhero

Do you have a superhero mad little one? Then why not try out our supersized messy superhero activity at home?

Elliott has loads of superhero themed dress up, books and toys…and is always running around like a loon chasing some super villain or other.  I have to say I love this stage in his development as he really enjoys pretending to be other people and involving me in his make-believe games.

Our current situation has meant we have also been talking a lot at home about the ‘Heroes’ we have in real life – whether that’s a loved one we are missing, our little one’s nursery/school teacher or the amazing keyworkers out there that are doing so much to keep the world moving at the moment.

We decided to have a go at painting a supersized superhero out in the garden.  Why not check this out and have a go yourself?

What you’ll need:

  • Paint
  • Old Wallpaper Roll or Large Sheets of paper or Card taped together.
  • Pen
  • Brushes, rollers, sponges, toys – anything to mark make.

First Elliott laid down on the paper and I drew round him – not an easy task with a wriggly 4 year old (especially when I got a few tickles in at the same time).


But we got a basic body shape – albeit with a wonky foot and skinny arm….he said these would be what would give his character his super powers.




Then Elliott used paint to start filling in the body shape.  He chose red as its his favourite (well today anyway! lol).  I have to say, he surprised me at how neatly he managed to do this and tried really hard to concentrate and keep within the lines. He liked experimenting with different brushes, sponges, rollers and even toy cars to make marks on his character.









We then had a go at adding our own handprints and footprints to the body. No surprise that he especially liked painting me….and then himself, so be prepared to get super messy!




He also wanted to add a heart, as said his superhero Iron Man was also a Doctor and needed a big heart on his chest so he could save all the people with coronavirus. Bless Him – Makes me realise how much he understands and takes in even though he is so small.









I asked if he wanted to add a face and he said no, that he had already painted him 10 yellow eyes and didn’t need anything else.  So he decided to give him a captain America shield instead to help protect him from any baddies. And also some rocket powered feet with blue and yellow flames to help him fly.









Then to finish off Elliott asked if he could paint himself with the left over paint, so I let him go for it! The beauty of outdoor play on a warm day when you can just hose them off afterwards!


If you have a go yourselves at making a giant superhero, I’d love to see your little ones creations added to our facebook page. Have Fun Mess Makers!!

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