80’s Tuff Tray Pac-Man Game

I’m showing my age now….as I LOVE everything 80’s!!  I even had an awesome 80’s themed Hen Party.  So, as you can imagine I am VERY excited about the latest Mess Around at Home theme ‘Poptastic’ – celebrating all that was the 80’s and 90’s.  Click here to join the event and grab some more fab crafty ideas to try from the Mess Around Team.  To get in the 80’s mood ready for Tuesday’s event, we decided to have a go at recreating one of my favourite games from that era with our Tuff Tray Pac-Man Game.


Here is what you’ll need:

  • Greaseproof / Baking Paper
  • Colouring pens
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Sponge
  • Coloured Eva Foam Sheets (Or you could use scraps of fabric, felt or paper)
  • White Card
  • Laminating Sheets – we laminated ours so we can reuse, but isn’t essential.
  • Wiggly Eyes
Step 1:

We drew Pacman, Ghosts and some funky fruit onto our Baking Parchment Paper.  We used Sharpie Marker pens, but this will work fine with pencils or normal felt pens too.  Leave for a little bit to dry.







Step 2:

Using a hot glue-gun we traced over the picture, covering the whole surface.  (We picked up our glue gun for a couple of pounds and love it for quick / easy crafts and many of the pound shops now do the replacement glue sticks, so nice and cheap too).









The glue fully dried in literally a few minutes.  Elliott then enjoyed peeling them off the paper and seeing that they had taken the colour from the paper and transfered onto the dried glue to make shaped coloured counters for our game.  We then glued on some wiggly eyes onto our ghosts and Pacman too.









Step 3:

Next we made our own Giant Bouncy Sponge Dice using some cheap sponge scourers we had under the sink. We cut two pieces and glued back to back to make a square shape. We then cut coloured squares to cover each side and glued them in place.  Finally drawing on each face of the dice with a marker pen.








Step 4:

To make the game counters and game layout for the Tuff Tray.  We cut out Circles (Pac-dots) and Strips of white Card (Walls).  We laminated ours to make them last longer.  (But you could also just use masking tape to mark out the walls).  Then we placed all our pieces on our tray ready to play.  (If you don’t have a Tuff Tray you could just play straight on the floor or on a table.

Game Rules – (In case you are too young to know the rules, or perhaps a little older like me and may have forgotten….a its been a little while since the 80’s!).

2-4 players (1 Pac-man and 3 ghosts)

  1.  The object of this game is to get Pac-Man to all four power pellets (each corner) before a ghost catches him.
  2.  With Pac-Man starting first, each player will roll the dice for their number of moves (counting along the Pac-dots).
  3.  If a ghost catches Pac-Man, game over.
  4. If Pac-Man lands on a Fruit – He throws again.
  5.  If Pac-Man gets to all four power pellets, game over.









Tuff Tray Pac-Man – Messy Version

We replaced our Pac-Dots with Crazy Soap and played a Messy Pac-Man version out in the garden. Elliott Loved playing this and then when we were finished, he also invented a Ghost & Pac-Man game with an added volcano and river.  Love his imagination!


We loved playing this so much, we are going to have a think about what other old games we can Make & Mess Around with on the Tuff Tray.  Keep Having Fun Messy Fans and don’t miss PopTastic on Tuesday for loads more retro ideas!

Keep Well & See you all again soon.





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