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Hi there, my name is Hannah and I’m very excited to be able to bring you Mess Around Tyne and Wear. I live in South Tyneside with my fiancé and have two children, Amelia and Harry. 

I had my second child (Harry) in 2017 and LOVED going to many different baby and toddler classes while on maternity leave. However, when I returned to work I was disappointed that I couldn’t find any sessions that didn’t require booking on for many weeks at a time. As a busy working parent I felt like this tied down what we could do as a family and therefore felt like they weren’t really an option. This led me to search for ‘one-off’ events and found Mess Around!

I booked a session at the closest venue to me at the time (which was an hour’s drive away) and one Saturday morning set off nice and early with my son and daughter. As soon as I was at the session I loved it! It was exactly what I had been looking for, if not more. It was such a relaxed, yet engaging atmosphere and the many messy themed activities catered to so many preferences. What surprised me the most was how much my daughter Amelia (who is 12 years old) enjoyed the session, and the opportunities it gave her to interact with her little brother. It truly was a fantastic, fun filled, family event from the start to the finish.

I knew travelling that distance wasn’t going to be something I could do regularly, and so looked into starting Mess Around in my area. A couple of months later and here we are!

I can’t wait to meet you at an event soon, and enable you to spend some quality, mess filled, fun with your loved ones.

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Water Bead fun while staying at home with a toddler

Water beads are a fab, non-edible, messy play material. you can buy them in great numbers for a relatively inexpensive price. Don’t let the size of them to start with fool you, as once added to they can grow up to 200 times their original size! Read on to see the Water Beads fun while staying…
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Egg box farm animals – staying at home with a toddler

Today we did some craft’s with an old egg box that we had by turning it into egg box farm animals. Harry loves animals and this was a great activity to get him to tell me the colours we needed and the noises that the animals do. What you will need 🥚 Empty Egg box 🥚 Paints…
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Handprint and Footprint Easter Cards

Easter is sneaking up on us 🐣 and I wanted to make something with Harry to send family to let them know we are thinking of them, and also something that will make a memory of how big Harry is now so we decided to make Handprint and Footprint Easter Cards. I LOVE making handprints and footprint…
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Baking flapjacks – Staying at home with a toddler

I don’t know about you, but we seem to be getting through so many snacks staying at home more! I wanted something that is a treat, but isn’t as bad as some other treats we may like to eat. Flapjacks it is! This is a great bake to do with little ones as it’s so…
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Mouldable Soap Easter Rabbit – Staying at home with a toddler

It’s April, which means it’s the perfect time to do Easter Themed DIY Messy Play. We set this one up without our usual tuff trays 😲 Check out this post here for more messy play ideas without the equipment that we have. What could be more Easter themed than an Easter Bunny🐰? And this one couldn’t be any…
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No Tuff Tray? No Problem – Staying at home with a toddler

I know lots of our messy parents are looking for ways to do DIY messy play at home, but understandably do not have all access to all the equipment I bring along to sessions. This blog is designed to give you ideas on how you can use items you probably have in the house to…
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Left Over Cereal Construction – Staying at home with a toddler

I’m sure it can’t just be my family that can’t seem to finish a box of cereal 🙈 Today we got 2 left over boxes that had just gone out of date, along with some seeds to make a construction site for Harry’s Diggers. At first, Harry just wanted to sprinkle the seeds But then he…
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Gloop Rainbow – Staying at home with a toddler

Today we made Rainbow gloop 🌈 It might sound fancy, but it is made with just cornflour and water (and a bit of food colouring). I use one of my tuff trays, but Harry would probably have been just as happy playing with it on something much smaller like a baking tray. I poured the cornflour…
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Dinosaur Bath – Staying at home with a toddler

SPOILER ALERT: My toddler did not want to put his Dinosaurs in a bath 🙈 It was a warm afternoon and Harry was playing in the Garden. He LOVES Dinosaurs, and playing with water so I thought I would put the two together and suggest a Dinosaur Bath.  We got a large container (this is one…
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Pizza Making – Staying at home with a toddler

Today we made Pizza’s from scratch! I’m not a chef, and they’re probably many ways this recipe could be improved but it’s reliable and something you can do with the kids 😊 We’ve made Pizza a few times before (my teenager really enjoys it) but usually it’s a weekend treat as we don’t usually have the time…
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DIY Super Hero Squishy Stress Balls

We are going Super Hero crazy this this August here at Mess Around! Our SuperMess sessions will be heading to a venue near you very soon 🦸 The mess machine will be bring you plenty or sensory, messy activities for your little ones to explore 🤩 including Spider mans mouldable soap spider web 🕸️ red glitter iron man slime…
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Mess Around Tyne & Wear visits Dippy the Dinosaur!

We can’t believe how quickly this month is going! We are in the middle of our ‘Life’s a Beach’ events and are preparing for our ‘Dinosaur Detectives’ events which will be happening in July. I know I say this every month, but if it’s possible I think We are super excited about this one! My…
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