Birthdays and Ballerinas!

Hello and welcome to 2020!

Who would have thought it! If you are as old as me then Pulps song “Year 2000” made 2000 seem like a world away but 2020 was a thing in the films – with flying, self-driving cars and robots doing everything for us! We are nearly there, I think!

Our new theme this month is Mess Around Party! A good old fashioned party to blow away this January Blues!

If you haven’t already booked your space check out our venues below and book today while there is still a place!

As we start the year, I am busy booking up my new diary! I love a new diary – it’s nice to have one that starts in January and not an academic one that I always used to use! And so, to kick the new year off with style I thought I would offer you a birthday party promo! I can’t think of a better event to link these to than Mess Around Party! So, if you have a birthday coming up this year and are looking for a party with a difference why not check out the photos below and take advantage of our fantastic offer!


There ain’t no party like a Mess Around party – that is so true! We offer you a party with a difference – a party that will leave all your guests talking and you relaxed!

A Mess Around party has 7 different messy activities for your little mess maker and up to 20 guests.

We will set it all up for you, keep the mess topped up, bubbles blowing and music pumping for an hour and then while you all go off to eat, we will clean it all down for you!

The activities include a paint wall, water play, channels and 4 tuff trays of mess – catered towards your mess makers likes! On top of all this awesomeness, the birthday child will also get a “Born to Mess Around T-shirt” and a personalised canvas with handprints of all the guests.

This is our basic package and we do have many extras that we can offer such as extra trays, a snowstorm finale, cake smash, themed trays and party bags

Sound good? Our basic package starts at only £150 but with our fantastic offer, you could save a whopping 10% and get a free snowstorm finale worth £15 if you book any date (and pay the deposit) for 2020 before 31st January.  Why not email me for more messy details!

I bet that sounds even better! Hopefully, that will bring a little cheer to your post-Christmas lull!

Messy Play at Home:

In preparation for our new The Greatest Mess Theme in February my little mess maker and I have been busy experimenting with one of the trays! We decided to make a ballerina out of soap mud – you could however make anything out of it!

It’s simple to make and its unusual texture will keep your mess makers occupied for hours! The best part is they can mould and shape it any way they wish

All you need is

A bar of sensitive soap

Toilet roll

Boiling water

Food colouring.


Grate the soap into a tray, add the food colouring and a kettle full of boiling water. Whisk slightly to mix the colour and soap.

Take the middles out of the toilet roll and place the rolls in the water – after a while turn the rolls so the water penetrates all of it. After about 5 minutes you are ready to get stuck in and mush it all up. (If you want your little mess maker to help let the water mixture cool before adding the toilet roll)



Pull all the paper apart and mush together – you are looking for a consistency that you can mould into shapes – if it’s too wet add more toilet roll, to dry add more water!


That is it! We used pink and lots of glitter to create this ballerina! There is now a trail of glitter throughout the house but as you can see even my middle mess maker had fun!


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