Sticky, Muddy, Fun!

Hello, my lovely Messy Family,

Today we had Sticky Muddy Fun!

It’s been a really emotional day today, My little mess machine and me dropped her sisters of for the bus this morning for what could potentially be their last day in Years 5 and 7, her daddy is currently stuck in Canterbury and we haven’t seen him for over a week and I think the reality of closing the business (albeit temporarily) is setting in!

I try to hold it together in front of the girls – but it’s hard when your family are so far away!

I very rarely let Oceane watch TV but this morning we just needed to veg! So Gruffalo and Room in the Broom later we pulled our selves together and got out the messy play!

It was so cold outside today (and our garden is north facing so not quite getting enough sun yet!) so we brought the Tuff tray into the kitchen. I put a plastic cloth on the floor just to make tidy up time a bit easier and then got out the mud!



We used Top Soil (not compost) and made a small well in the middle, Oceane then helped me to put some animals around the mud and we talked about the noises that they make as we did this! We then got some alphabet sand moulds (available on Amazon!) to spell out the word mud – proud mummy moment when she was able to link “m” to Mariam her sister! – You can take the girl away from teaching but you can’t take the teacher out of the girl!

We then poured some water into the middle and I sat back to let Oceane start to mix it. This a new material for her so she did need a little encouragement, to begin with. She loved the wiggly snake and liked plopping it in the mud. She then got a little braver and wanted to put a toe into the mud – this is a huge step for us as a year ago Oceane would not go anywhere near “wet mess”  She was not sure about the feel of the mud between her toes so we put a bowl of water near the tray which began a new game of stepping in the mud and then in the bowl!


                                Oceane played for almost an hour with the mud, and although she wasn’t playing with it anymore she didn’t want me to clear it up either! I managed to persuade her by filling up the bowl with water and suds and letting her wash and dry all the equipment – worked a treat and meant I could wipe down all the muddy splashes from the cupboard fronts!

Check out our videos of all the fun below!




Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings as the older two are around!


Have fun with the mud guys and stay safe!

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