A Messy Mother’s Day

So an unusual Mother’s day for us all today and A Messy Mother’s Day for me!. No meals out, no meeting up with mums and grandparents -but guess what, we got through. We made it special. I have seen lots of people on Facebook sharing lovely positive posts about their Mother’s day and I wanted to share mine with you too.

 I don’t normally get to see my Mum or Nan on this day as they live three hours away but we always call, however today we made an effort to video call. My Nan is 93, my Dad having Chemo so it is unlikely that I will see them in the next few weeks.

Normally my lovely husband cooks dinner with the help of my older girls, this year that couldn’t happen. Alastair has had to remain in Canterbury. He still arranged for a lovely gift for me and my girls made me handmade cards which I love! So it was up to me to cook dinner – a concoction to say the least but still, I got to spend it with my beautiful daughters and that makes everything ok.


Alissa was desperate to do some cooking for me so I let her, Mariam and Oceane loose in the kitchen whilst I cleaned down the patio! I was a little concerned about the mess but actually they cleaned up really well!

They followed a recipe for Butterfly Cakes from Nigella Express and I really did leave them to it. They decided that they wanted to do some chocolate so they split the mixture and added cocoa powder to one half.

Oceane and Alissa enjoyed getting messy with the cake batter as you can see from the pictures and Oceane’s face was almost black by bath time – just as it should be! Alissa even managed to get some counting in (hmm teacher in the making maybe!)



We actually ended up with marbled cakes (their idea) and we ate one on the patio in the sun. They were lovely, I was very impressed, plus we have some for snack in the week.

I hope you all managed to have a great Mother’s day too.

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