Surviving Lockdown – A Diary, day 2

Day 2 in The Hutt House!  This is how we are Surviving Lockdown!

(Does anyone else hear this in the Big Brother voice!)

We find ourselves in such strange but necessary times at the moment and I find myself doing something  I haven’t done in a long time – Keep a journal. I thought it would be helpful to have some sort of outlet – somewhere to vent, cry, dismay while trying to keep a normal face in front of the girls! I’ve encouraged my older girls to do the same and Iknow my 12-year-old is writing in hers lots.

We are two days into a new routine and although there are still some teething problems it’s going fairly smoothly. I know from my experience as a teacher that routine and structure is essential and important to children (and me!) it helps them to feel safe as uncertainty is unsettling for a child, with that in mind we set up a timetable to follow in the weekday. There is enough uncertainty without our day adding to it!

It is working well and the girls enjoy the breaks – they work through the school work set in the Academic times and together we have identified areas they want to improve – timetable, handwriting and spellings so I have extra of those for any “spare” moments.  Oceane finds it hard to understand that the girls need quiet when working and can’t play. I make sure that I dedicate my time to her during the Academic time and we are doing lots of child-led and adult-led play and I am using this as an opportunity to encourage her vocabulary, motor skills and language.  It also means that the times they are all together there is less arguing and they are enjoying each others company (which means I can get some jobs done!)

Each day I try and get our Messy fix with an activity! Today the sun was glorious so we grabbed the opportunity for a bubble wash! In the tuff tray, I squeezed a generous amount of baby bath, added a small amount of water and then used a sponge to mix it together. By squeezing the sponge we get loads of bubbles. We added an inflatable toy to clean (but you could use a doll or and plastic animal/car etc) some scrubbing brushes and some containers to pour. All three girls played with this for a while, and in the end, they ended up washing each other down!


It will be interesting to see how this develops over the time of the lockdown – at the moment I am enjoying have us all at home as a family and the time to reconnect with each girl individually. Having the time to bake and cook, play and sing, dance and laugh. Let’s hope this can continue.


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