Boxes, Pom Poms, Glue and Stuff.

Boxes, Pom Poms, Glue and Stuff!

Day 6 of lockdown and the weather has turned! It’s cold, windy and rainy at the moment so we have had to spend more time indoors. The cabin fever is hitting me but the children seem to be handling it well!

I have had to relax my views on TV and Disney Plus has become our new best friend from 2-4 pm each afternoon to enable daddy to tutor online!

We have been doing lots of craft over the last couple of days – I am very much hands-off with these things unless the girls ask for help. I put the stuff out for them and then sit back and let them create whatever they want.

The first craft activity we did was with some small canvases that we had. We made one for my husbands birthday with all of our handprints making a love heart.

I then let the girls have a canvas each and some Berol felt tips. Oceane is enjoying mark-making at the moment and is making O’s and t’s on just about anything (T is for her buddy Toby!) She enjoyed using the felt tips and exploring what happened when she drew on her hand!

Mariam and Alissa decided to colour in the whole of the canvas to make a sky effect and then use black to make silhouette pictures at the front. Alissa then asked if she could put water on her background and let the colours bleed into each other. She then asked for help designing a tree – so together we drew it out on paper and she then practised a few times before putting it on the canvas her self.


Today I gave the girls some sugar paper, pom poms, egg boxes, boxes, glue and some card shapes. Oceane went straight for her favourite thing – stickers and stuck them all on her paper before mark making! Alissa decided to create a card for her BFF and Mariam really let her imagination go, making some egg boxes animals and a home for them to live in!




Tomorrow who knows! I’m trying not to plan too much, these are strange times and although we are roughly sticking to a routine to help keep the girls settled, they are missing their friends and also worry about their Grandpa (who is currently on a 12-week lockdown) so we are trying to be mindful of that too.

Hope you all are managing to keep safe – Don’t forget to tune into our Facebook page at 5:30 pm each day for the story!

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